Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still Life in a Coffee Shop

Here's a random photo I took way back in November 2005. It shows one of my favourite pens, in fact, it is probably the most reliable and hard-working pens I own. This photo comes from my flickr.com photo sharing site, and it's the most popular of my photos. I guess people like to look at it. -- Tim Conklin

Sunday, September 7, 2008

VPC Invited to Bellingham for October Meeting of Seattle Pen Club

The VPC has been invited to attend the Bellingham meeting of the Seattle Pen Club October 18th. The meeting will get going around eleven o'clock at a downtown grocery store/coffee shop. Let's discuss this at our September meeting and perhaps we'll be able to organize a fieldtrip down south. Do give this some thought. It would be fun if we could get a group together to attend this Saturday meeting.

VPC Announces September Meeting

The next meeting of the VPC (and the first of the 2008/09 season) will be Thursday 18 September at Perks Pens on Cambie @ 42nd across from Oakridge Centre. If you come at six o'clock, you'll have time to grab something to eat and drink before our official 6:30 start time. We will try to finish up by 8:30.

Because September is back to school month, the theme for this meeting is school pens. Please bring a pen that you think would be an ideal "school pen". Any other pen or recent acquisition you would like to share is, of course, always welcome, as well.

Hope to see you there! -- Tim Conklin, VPC Prez

A Picture from our Last Meeting

From left to right: Richard Clarke, Kirsten O. , Amanda B. , Maja Furlong, Sabrina Sasaki, Tim Conklin. Photo was taken May 15th, 2008 at Perks Pens.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here I am doing serious research for VPC in Brisbane, Australia. Yes I'm wearing a coat, because it's still winter there in August. I didn't buy much there because it's darned expensive, but it's interesting to see what they have and we don't. See you all at the September meeting and I'll show you what I did get.