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May meeting pics! (Topic: Design Features You Like in a Fountain Pen)

Our May meeting was held at the Kitsilano branch of the Vancouver Public Library on Thursday the 16th. Seventeen members were in attendance, including two brand-new members (Christina and Mmina).

The meeting's primary topic was "Design Features You Like in a Fountain Pen" and we saw several examples, as well as some new fountain pens that our members recently acquired. I took some photos during our meeting, so here they are!

(all photos by Maja ~ please click on images to enlarge)
Clockwise around the table, from lower left corner: Asifa, Nathan, Stuart, me (Maja), Grant, Christopher, Phil, Peter R, Paul, David C, Hadi, Jerred, Peter H, and Christina (missing from photo: Mmina, Shona and James, who arrived later).

The design features mentioned by our members (for our primary meeting topic) ranged from favourite filling systems and materials to decorative elements and favourite colourways. For my examples, I brought the top two pens above - my Magna Carta 'Sapphire Grand' brown demonstrator fountain pen (because I love how its coppery-brown nib colour matches the pen's metal trim--an aesthetically-pleasing design choice) and my Penlux 'Masterpiece Grande' Blue Swirl fountain pen, whose grip section matches the rest of the pen body (another feature I love). Grant brought in a handsome Parker 'Vacumatic' Golden Pearl (third pen from the top) because he's a huge fan of the Vacumatic's patented filling system, and he likes the size of this Vac model. 

Our secondary topic (which is always "Newest Acquisitions") was also well represented; among other new writing instruments we saw were Christopher's beautiful sterling silver vintage mechanical pencil, also seen above. I should have photographed both sides of it because I believe it’s a demonstrator model, used to show customers its inner workings.

Two more new purchases --a very cool modern Wahl-Eversharp 'Skyline Technik' fountain pen in shiny black aluminum belonging to Phil, and my bright red Kaweco AC Sport, which I bought online from Blades Canada this week.

The lovely vintage Pelikan in the middle is Shona's '400NN' model. Shona said that she likes it when piston-filling fountain pens have an ink view window, so you can tell how much ink is left in them. Some pen barrels---like her Pelikan's---are translucent, though, which also allows the pen's user to see the ink level.

Another new acquisition belonging to Phil---a vintage Parker '51' fountain pen in the rare Plum colour! Phil found the pen --in its original cardboard presentation box--- at the annual Fraser Valley Antiques & Collectables Club Show last month. I love the shape of the box's sleeve, which is a tribute to Parker's famous "arrow", a design feature found on Parker clips.

Peter R's gorgeous new Aurora '88' (top pen) and James' new Asvine 'P20' fountain pen.  This attractive (and economical!) piston-filling Asvine has been getting great reviews, including this one on YouTube, done by our fellow pen club member, Nathan.

Above: Paul's newest acquisitions, including two fountain pens he found at a Muji store-- a white plastic Muji-branded Platinum 'Preppy' and the well-known & well-loved Muji metal fountain pen (middle pen). The shiny hammered copper pen was given to Paul by his nephew, who made the pen using pen kit parts (the barrel and cap body were made by hand, though, not pre-made).

That's James' eye-catching Opus 88 'Demo' Red fountain pen at the top of the photo (James loves that the pen is a bulk-filler, but wishes there was an all-ebonite version) and, below it, Jerred's newest Delta fountain pen, a beautiful green marbled ‘Write Balance’. This unusual Delta model has a weight-balancing system -- a small metal weight hidden in its barrel's blind cap, which allows the user to adjust the pen's balance to their liking. Jerred mentioned that he liked pens with hourglass-shaped grip sections, such as the one on his new Delta.

The pen on the bottom is, of course, a classic vintage Parker 'Duofold' belonging to David C., who is an avid fan of vintage Parkers. David is a huge Parker 'Vacumatic' fan, but he said he brought in this 'Duofold' for our primary topic because he liked its girthiness. David also brought a Sheaffer 'Snorkel' (not pictured) and told us how much he admired its unique filling mechanism.

Above: Another Opus 88 fountain pen —new member Mmina's nice blue 'Koloro' (she likes the ink shut-off valve feature, as it allows you to prime the nib)  — and one of Hadi's favourite fountain pens, the sterling silver Parker '75' Cisele that was his first fountain pen.

Hadi also showed us an Asvine V200 fountain pen (top pen), a Titanium and clear resin-bodied demonstrator that uses a vacuum-filling system. Hadi's particular example has a replacement Bock Titanium nib. You can purchase the pen with a stock Asvine nib or pay extra for a Bock steel nib. Hadi opted for the latter, bought the Bock Titanium nib separately, and then swapped the steel one out. It's a very cool nib on a cool-looking fountain pen.

The three pens below it belong to Asifa, who got them for free from Jessica at our last meeting! The attractive red fountain pen with cream-coloured ends is the ubiquitous Jinhao 'Century 100'. I'm not sure what brand the other two pens are, but the cute light blue Lamy Safari clone has a rainbow-coloured nib

(a closeup of Hadi's Asvine V200, showing the Titanium trim and section)

Above: My little red Kaweco 'AC Sport', next to another pocket pen, Nathan's stainless steel Gravitas ‘Pocket Pen’. Nathan explained how well-made the Gravitas was, with its expertly-machined cap & barrel threads, and excellent cap seal --  features crucial to producing a well-performing pen. 

Nathan also brought a newer pen to show us, his Ensso 'Bolt' (not pictured), a bolt-action capless retractable fountain pen that was introduced via Kickstarter. The pens haven't been shipped out to Kickstarter supporters yet (that's happening this summer) , but Nathan got a sneak preview for his YouTube channel and did a review of it there.

  Last, but not least, here are some of the fountain pens that Stuart brought! (I didn’t photograph his newest Parker ‘51s). The middle one is Stuart's brand-new Graf von Faber-Castell 'Tamitio', purchased from the Vancouver Pen Shop. Flanking it are two pens that have design features that Stuart really likes--a glossy black Sheaffer 'Snorkel' with a wide cap band (Stuart said that it makes the pen look longer when posted...and it does!) and a stunning Montblanc 'StarWalker Doué' (pen at top of photo). Stuart liked how Montblanc cleverly incorporated its famous snowflake logo into the cap's finial as a snowflake suspended in clear resin.

Many thanks to everyone who came to the meeting on Thursday! Special thanks to VPC member Steve --who couldn’t make it to the meeting-- for the door prize fountain pens and free ink flush (both of which he also gave away at April’s meeting), as well as to Christopher for donating a cancer charity novelty ballpoint prize.

I'll post the details about our June meeting once I finalize the venue booking. Have a happy & safe Victoria Day long weekend, everyone!

( ~Blog post by Maja~ )

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Our next pen club meeting is tomorrow (Thursday May 16th) at the Kitsilano branch of the Vancouver Public Library! All details in this post:

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 518

Here's another installment of our virtual show & tell, this time featuring a vintage fountain pen with an interesting filling system, recently acquired by Christopher!

(photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher writes: "When the word ‘Rexall’ comes up, most can only think of one thing, and that is drugstores. Still, I am sure a lot do not know the history behind the name. As the story goes, in 1902 Louis Liggett, founder and CEO of the United Drug Company, persuaded all of 40 druggists to invest in a drug company that would manufacture and distribute products in franchised stores. This franchise was branded ‘Rexall’, as were the products sold. The business saw wings and Rexall became a household word with the invention of the drugstore, which spread all over North America

One of the many Rexall products was a quality line of fountain pens, which saw many different models over the years. My Rexall pen is a sleeve filler --referred to on its barrel as a ‘Self Filler’-- and was made by the Samuel Ward company of Boston, but supplied to the United Drug Company by De Witt-La France company of Cambridge, Massachusetts for United to retail under their Rexall branding throughout their extensive line of drugstores in North America."

"The pen in question is an early black hard rubber model, with a beautifully chased finish on both cap and barrel. The cap is long and clipless, but covers a grip section sporting a superb 14K Gold super flexy, high quality Warranted nib. Moving aft, the barrel houses a movable sleeve under which is a nickel-plated tube with a oval hole at the mid point. In this hole is a long flat metal bar under which is the ink sack. By pressing down on the bar --having been exposed by sliding down the sleeve on the barrel-- a thumb can be used to depress the bar expressing the air out of the ink sack. This, in turn, allows the sack (through capillary action) to suck in ink when the pen is inserted into an ink bottle. The system works extremely well, as does the pen to write with.

Personally, I have only come across one other sleeve filler, a Waterman. Subsequently, it is not a stretch of faith to realize that fountain pens with sleeve fillers are somewhat rare. This fine quality vintage writing instrument posts at all of six and a half inches, but caps back responsibly to five and an eighth inches. The overall condition is, for all of its many years of service, very fine and, I am pleased to add, will make a excellent addition to my vintage pen collection."

Congratulations to Christopher on a very nice vintage find, and our thanks to him for sharing it on our club's blog!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May meeting info (back to our usual day + time)!

May 2024 meeting information:

Where: Branch Meeting Room (in the basement) of the Vancouver Public Library's KITSILANO branch at 2425 Macdonald Street (between Broadway and West 8th) in Vancouver.

Date: Thursday May 16, 2024

Time: 5:00pm to 7:30pm
(we'll have access to the room at 5:00pm, but the meeting won't start until 5:30pm or so)


If there's some design feature(s) you like in fountain pens, please bring a couple of examples to show us. We've never used this topic before, so it'll be fun to see what people bring in!

Secondary Topic: NEWEST PEN-RELATED ACQUISITIONS (don't worry if you don't have any :)

No need to RSVP---just drop in! Any questions? Send us an email at:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

April meeting (on a Saturday afternoon!) mini-report

Our club usually meets on the third Thursday evening of each month, but our April meeting was held on Saturday the 20th at the Champlain Heights branch of the Vancouver Public Library from 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Twenty-five VPC members showed up to chat about all things pen-related, and among them were six newcomers--Angela, Colin, David J., Dominique, Keith, and Nance!

I snapped a few photos during the meeting, as did Marzieh and Sherman, so without further ado, here they are...

(photos by Maja, except where noted ~ please click on images to enlarge ~ )

We'd never used this particular VPL Branch Meeting Room before, but it was spacious and private. I've added full captions to the rest of the photos, but I wanted to point out a couple of members in the above photo who aren't in the rest of the pics---brand-new member Dominique (center of photo, facing camera) and Luc (standing by Dominique), who came all the way from Whistler to attend our meeting!

That's me (in the middle) with Marzieh (who used to work at the Perks pen store in North Van) and Bill Kempton, one of our club's co-founders. I last saw Bill at our November 2023 meeting, but I hadn't seen Marzieh since the end of 2020. In the background, you can see our youngest member (Emilio) and his father Chris (photo courtesy of Bill ~ photo taken by Phil)

Bill brought along a few notebooks from his school days in England; the one above was his first, started when he was eight years old.

The two notebooks above are a bit newer; by then, Bill had become a big fan of comedy legend Spike Mulligan.

Above: The first of Sherman's selfies! This one is with fellow VPCer Steve, who very generously gave out mystery door prizes (ie. the pens in the envelopes above) to everyone who came to the meeting. Everyone who attended was also given a complimentary bottle of Steve's fountain pen flush (which Sherman is holding), INKOUT.

INKOUT fountain pen flush is a liquid concentrate -- for manual cleaning of fountain pens, mix 3 parts water with 1 part pen flush; for cleaning pens in an ultrasonic cleaner, use 2 parts water to 1 part pen flush (photo courtesy of Sherman).

...And this is what Sherman won---a lime-green Hero '616 Plus' fountain pen! Many thanks to Steve for all the free stuff he gave out 😃! (photo courtesy of Sherman)

As you can see, the meeting was a beehive of activity, with members circulating freely around the room (several members brought inks to trade). We didn't have a formal "show & tell" this month, so the meeting was more of a casual get-together.

Photo above: That's new member Colin (center of pic) chatting with Steve, while Chris (blue t-shirt) tries out the clear demonstrator piston-filler he got in Steve's door prize giveaway. Seated in the far background are
(L-R): new member Keith, Melanie (who attended her first meeting in Oct 2023) and new member David J . Standing next to them are Collin and myself. At the table in the near background are (L to R): Paul (standing), Bill, Phil, Amy, newcomer Nance, and Marzieh.

Above: Jessica (standing closest to Sherman) brought along an assortment of wonderful fountain pens to sell... and she also gave out some free pens! (thank you, Jessica, for your generosity, and the gorgeous Penlux 'Grande Masterpiece' "Blue Swirl" fountain pen I bought from you! 😃) In the foreground are brand-new member Angela (blue-striped sweater), Asifa (pink-striped top, talking to Jerred), David C. (black leather jacket) and Rene (wearing a bright blue Pokémon Psyduck tee).

(Left to right) Amy talking to David C, Steve and I conversing, and Trevor chatting with Angela (photo courtesy of Marzieh).

Bill (inspecting a pen), with Jerred and Sherman (photo courtesy of Marzieh)

Above: Sherman snapped a photo of the pens (mostly short/pocket pens) he brought to the meeting to show-- (left to right): Stipula 'Passaporto', three Kaweco 'Classic Sport' "Transparent" pens, a Kaweco 'Student' in "60's Swing" colour, a purple Retro 51 'Tornado' fountain pen, three Kaweco 'Lilliput' pens and an orange Campo Marzio fountain pen (on the far right is Sherman's "door prize pen", the lime-green Hero '616 Plus'). Sherman mentioned to me that he was surprised that no one noticed the Kaweco 'Sport Classic" Transparent pens. Sherman's have gold-plated steel nibs, but (after doing some research for this blog post) I later found out that this model came with a 14K gold nib option!

We also saw several vintage writing instruments during the meeting, like this handsome vintage Wahl-Eversharp 'Skyline' fountain pen and mechanical pencil set belonging to Phil.

I brought along a few new (and old) acquisitions, in a pen roll made for me by my talented mother-in-law :)

My pens (Left to right): Two Pelikans (M200 "Orange Delight" & M200 "Copper Rose Gold"), two Lamys ('Safari' "Violet Blackberry" & AL-star "Fiery"), a Magna Carta 'Sapphire Grand "Brown Demonstrator" (bought with Christmas money from my in-laws), Majohn 'P138' (a Montblanc lookalike), Eureka 'Symmetry' PEEK fountain pen, Visconti 'Breeze'"Lemon", a handmade pen by Ontario-based Tangent Pens, and my Pelikan 'Ineo' "Fiery Red".

It's fitting that I end this blog post with a book about handwriting, borrowed by Paul --from the VPL 😃-- on the recommendation of our club's other co-founder, Tim. The book is "Marcel's Letters' by Carolyn Porter, an award-winning account of her real-life search for information about the fate of the author of a bundle of WWII-era letters that she came across. The letters were written (in French) in a beautiful cursive script that eventually became the P22 "Marcel" font. Paul was raving about the book at our meeting, so if it sounds interesting to you, look for it at your local public library!

Many thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting (whether you stayed until the end or not -- we're *very* casual!), to Marzieh & Sherman for sharing their photos, and to the Vancouver Public Library's Champlain Heights branch for hosting our very first weekend (and first daytime!) meeting.

Please note: Our May meeting won't be held on a weekend, but rather our usual third Thursday evening of the month. Details (including meeting location) about the May meeting will be announced here sometime next week, after our venue booking is confirmed (update: May meeting information posted here!)

(~Blog post by Maja~)

Sunday, April 21, 2024

A long time coming (Newest Acquisitions - Virtual "Show & Tell" ~ part 517)

Many thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting last Saturday; I'll post some photos and a mini-report sometime this week. In the meantime, here's a nice write-up about a beautiful vintage Waterman set that Christopher submitted for our blog...

(text & photo courtesy of Christopher~click on image to enlarge)

Christopher writes:

It is amazing what you can put together in the vintage pen department, given the time. I picked up a gorgeous Waterman ruby oversized first year Canadian 100 Year fountain pen while visiting family in Ontario years ago. Years later, I ran across an appropriate mechanical pencil and, more currently, just the right Waterman presentation box. Combining all of these elements gave me a very attractive and super edition to my vintage pen collection.

The Waterman’s 100 Year line of pens and pencils is definitely unique. I think that the finish in all cases sets these writing instruments far apart from the rest. Whether it is in the transparent emerald green, stunning transparent vivid blue or, as in my case, the transparent ruby red, all of these finishes are truly eye candy. Waterman also made the 100 Year line with a jet black finish, which should not be discounted and, to my mind, looks very smart.

The 100 Year also had extremely attractive 14K gold filled banding, which all added up to Art Deco styling. Of course, if you add in the marvelous Waterman top quality 14K Gold nibs, these 100 Year pens are irresistible. Waterman stuck with their boxed design extremely dependable lever filler for their 100 Year pens and the clip was their standard as with their other model lines. To round out a set, you could not ask for a more attractive casing and if Waterman honoured their 100 year guarantee, my set should be working well 'til 2039. We can only hope.  

Our thanks to Christopher for sharing this lovely set with us!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Reminder re: meeting this SATURDAY! (+ Ink Swap!)

** Please note new date, time and location **

 April 2024 in-person meeting:

Where: the Branch Meeting Room of the Vancouver Public Library's CHAMPLAIN HEIGHTS branch at 7110 Kerr Street (south-east corner of Kerr & East 54th Avenue), Vancouver (official link:

Date: ⭐ SATURDAYApril 20, 2024

Time: ⭐ 1:00pm to 3:30pm

Topics: None! This meeting is a chance for members to chat amongst themselves on a weekend, without the usual time constraints (we *do* have to vacate the room by 3:30pm), something folks have been asking for. We will still do themed meetings in the future, but there will be no formal "show & tell" this month.

Late addition to meeting:


If you want to bring inks to trade amongst yourselves, please feel free to do so. This casual meet-up is a good opportunity to swap inks that you might not be using...and it's a good icebreaker for newcomers to our club, or members who might not have attended our meetings in a long time. This is a completely voluntary ink swap, so if you like all of your inks, please don't feel pressured to trade any of them! (m
any thanks to Nathan for suggesting the ink swap :)

Hope you can make it to the meeting this Saturday! No RSVPs required! 
Any questions? Please contact us at:

Thursday, April 11, 2024

April meeting info - new date, new time, new place!

(and no, we're not meeting in a forest lol)

We're trying something different this month! 😀 (please note: this is not a permanent new time/date/location)

Information about our April 2024 in-person meeting:

Where: the Branch Meeting Room of the Vancouver Public Library's CHAMPLAIN HEIGHTS branch at 7110 Kerr Street (south-east corner of Kerr & East 54th Avenue), Vancouver (official link:

Date: ⭐ SATURDAYApril 20, 2024

Time: ⭐ 1:00pm to 3:30pm

Topics: None! This meeting is a great opportunity for members to chat amongst themselves on a weekend, without the usual time constraints (we *do* have to vacate the room by 3:30pm), something folks have been asking for. We will still do themed meetings in the future, but there will be no formal show & tell this month.

Late addition: INK SWAP! (see details in this newer post)

Hope you can make it! No RSVPs required! Any questions? Please contact us at

Thursday, April 4, 2024

April meeting info - coming soon!

Don't panic!
April meeting info will be posted here (and sent to members via group email) as soon as I get confirmation from the venue! 😀

Update (4/07): the first venue booking fell through, so I'm waiting to hear back from another venue. I should hear back from them in the next day or two (or three). Thanks for your patience!
Update (4/10): the venue contacted me yesterday to say "Branch staff are reviewing your request and will let you know the result as soon as possible."

Final update -- Good news! We booked the venue for our April meeting! All info in this post--> link

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Excellent turnout for our March meeting!

Our March meeting was held on the 21st of the month at the Vancouver Public Library's Kitsilano Branch Meeting Room. Twenty-three members were present, including brand-new member Robert!

This month's primary meeting theme was "Neglected Fountain Pens" (which was suggested by Stuart) and our secondary topic was --as usual-- "Newest Acquisitions". It was a very busy meeting, but I snapped a few photos, so here they are...

(photos by Maja ~ please click on images to enlarge)

That's Julian's colourful new Narwhal (Nahvalur) Schuykill 'Asfur Bronze' fountain pen in between Robert's Montblanc '146' (which belonged to his father) and his Graf von Faber-Castell 'Tamitio', Robert's "daily driver" (the orange Crown Mill paper was a gift to me from Stuart).

Peter R's newest acquisition - an elegant Aurora 'Ipsilon Deluxe', a purchase he said was inspired by the pens he saw (VPCer Phil's Aurora 'Ipsilon Deluxe', perhaps? ;) last month, at his first meeting

Grant's modern Parker '51' (a pen he intensely dislikes and, therefore, neglects lol) and his new acqusition, a vintage Wahl-Eversharp 'Oxford' (I love that twisted celluloid material!)

(Above) A nice-but-neglected silver Faber-Castell 'Grip' belonging to Emilio, our youngest member (who came to the meeting with his father Chris, whose own neglected fountain pen was a hard-starting Waterman 'Charleston'--not shown-- that was later fixed), and Paul's new Hero and Eagle fountain pens (hope I ID'd them correctly!).

A shiny Lamy 'Al-Star' in Pacific Blue (the 2017 special edition colour for the 'Al-Star'), a new acquisition of Peter H's.

Stuart's Graf von Faber-Castell 'Classic', a lovely pen that he recently acquired from the Vancouver Pen Shop...

Stuart's newest acquisition - a handsome vintage Parker '51' Vacumatic in Cedar Blue, with a 16K gold-filled cap.

For our primary topic, Stuart brought in this classy (but neglected, for some reason unknown to him lol) Sheaffer Legacy Heritage "Palladium Deep Cut" fountain pen...

 (Above) A couple of new fountain pens I recently acquired---a red Pelikan 'Ineo' and my Pelikan M200 'Orange Delight'.

I forgot to photograph a tiny Favorite branded lever-filler (not a ringtop!) that I brought for our primary topic.  It's neglected because of its miniscule size, but it's adorable and I love it. When I first started collecting, I collected mostly vintage fountain pens...actually smaller vintage pens because they were cheaper than full-sized pens. I accumulated quite a few over the years, but they weren't getting used as they were simply too small for my hands (I wound up selling them to the good folks at Anderson Pens at the 2015 L.A. Pen Show).

David L. brought in several interesting things to show us, including a new acquisition, his burgundy Parker "New Slimfold" fountain pen (center of photo above). At first glance, it appeared to be a Parker '45' (or a Parker 'Arrow--essentially a '45' with a plastic cap), but it has a screw-on cap. Below the "New Slimfold" is David's Parker 'Jotter' ballpoint, which is a nice colour match for the fountain pen. Regarding his neglected fountain pens, David said that his Platinum 'Preppy' pens (not pictured) ---his earliest pen purchases-- aren't used as much any more.

The longer pens on either side of the Parkers are ones that David uses for his other hobby ---pen-spinning! David said he really got into much that he was actually mentioned in a book (shown above) on the topic.

Vladan brought in his father's green-striped Pelikan '140' --a highly-respected vintage fountain pen-- for our primary topic. The pen was neglected due to leaking issues, but Vladan later discovered that the leak was caused by a broken plastic nib collar. He acquired a replacement part, and happily, the pen was back in action.

The pen above it is a Osmia/Faber-Castell 884 fountain pen. The pen was manufactured after Osmia was acquired by Faber-Castell, so the pen's markings are a bit of an oddity-- the barrel has "Osmia" on one side and "Faber-Castell" on the other side, while the clip says "Osmia."

The bottom three pens are more of Vladan's newest acquisitions -- a Lamy Safari 'Violet Blackberry', a dark green Eureka Ebonite fountain pen with 'Dodecagon Diamond' cap (a very well-made pen, crafted by a small pen maker in South Korea), and a lovely purple Kaweco 'Sport' "Royal Amethyst demonstrator fountain pen (a Goldspot Pens exclusive).

The fountain pen at the top of the photo is Hadi's gorgeous modern Conway Stewart 'Total Blue Elegance' exclusive edition (with a stunning guilloché fox-head pattern, sterling silver trim and a sterling silver section), which he brought in for our primary meeting topic. Hadi told us that he was greatly drawn to the pen's appearance, but ultimately found the pen to be too heavy.

Longtime VPC member Glenn Marcus' own reason for not using his neglected fountain pens was different than Hadi's -- they were simply too skinny for his grip. Glenn started buying fountain pens in the 1970s and 80s, when slimmer pens were in fashion, but he later realized that they were too narrow. Glenn didn't bring his "neglected" pens to our meeting, but you can see the pens he *doesn't* neglect on his excellent website --

Vladan forgot to show us this beautiful fountain pen during our meeting, but I snapped a photo of it afterwards. It's his new Leonardo Officina Italiana 'Momento Zero Grande 2.0' "Galattica" (Palladium trim) fountain pen. The pen was a limited numbered edition (only 300 pieces were produced) that was made in collaboration with the Tailored Pen Company, a well-known maker of high-quality resin blanks.

Andrew's Parker 'Sonnet' (neglected because it was surpassed by his vintage flexy-nibbed Parker 'Vacumatic'!) and Karen's black Knox 'Aristotle' fountain pen, which she purchased from the Birmingham Pen Company's online retail store. Karen says she doesn't use the pen much because it's a hard-starter.

I actually hadn't seen (or heard of) the Knox model before ---you never know what you'll see at one of our meetings! 😁

Karen's pretty pink Visconti 'Rembrandt' fountain pen, above the Knox....

And here's the newest addition to Jerred's amazing Delta fountain pen collection---a glossy Pearl Red Delta 'Journal' (with a "Tech & Web" imprint)! The pens below it are David C's vintage blue Esterbrook 'J' transitional model, and a vintage Parker '51' (I'm not sure to whom it belongs--please let me know if you're the owner :)

A couple of more photos of the really nice pens that newcomer Robert brought in --his Montblanc '146' and Graf von Faber-Castell 'Tamitio'

I'm sorry I didn't photograph Mark's NOS (New Old Stock) vintage pens at this meeting. Mark did a good job of explaining the different filling systems used by the pens; our club has a real mix of modern fountain pen aficionados and vintage fountain pen fans, so not everyone is necessarily familiar with the filling mechanisms utilized in vintage fountain pens.

Many thanks to everyone who came to our March meeting, whether you brought something to show or not. It was so nice to finally meet Jessica in person, and it was great to see Barry and Joe B. again (we hadn't seen them since the pandemic started), as well as Renz, who moved to central Canada last year. If you're reading this and you haven't been to one of our meetings in a long time, please don't be shy---just drop in and see what we're up to these days 😊 (no RSVPs required!)

I'm in the process of booking a venue for our April meeting, but when I do, I'll post the meeting details here on our blog (in the usual place --the top of the home page -- in big red letters). Until then, have a safe and happy Easter long weekend!