Thursday, November 30, 2023

December 21st meeting at VPL West Point Grey branch!

For our last meeting of 2023, I thought we'd try a new location  --  the brand-new (opened in Summer 2023!) West Point Grey branch of the Vancouver Public library -- so here are the full details:

 What: Vancouver Pen Club's December 2023 meeting

Date: Thursday December 21, 2023

Where: Branch Meeting Room at the Vancouver Public Library's WEST POINT GREY branch at 4566 West 10th Avenue (between Sasamat and Tolmie)
, Vancouver, BC (parking & transit info here:

Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (please note: we have to leave the room by 7:30pm, as per the library's room rental policy,
but we can start setting up the room at 5:15 pm)

Theme: "Jingle & Mingle" !

Chat with others about your recent finds and/or favourite acquisitions of 2023, or whatever you want to talk about!๐Ÿ˜ (ie. this will be a casual gathering, not a sit-down / "show & tell" meeting)

It's completely voluntary, so if you have any ink(s) you're not using and would like to trade with fellow members, this is your chance! Bottles do not have to be 100% full and ink cartridges are allowed.

Hope you can make it! (no RSVP required, either)

Monday, November 27, 2023

A lost treasure found

Our November meeting topic was "Fountain Pens Marketed to Specific Genders" and Christopher brought the fine example that's featured in today's blog post! The meeting was very hectic and I didn't have a chance to photograph it, so I'm glad he sent in this blog post because it's a great story. Our thanks to Christopher for sharing it with us!

Christopher writes:

"In 2010, in my early days of vintage pen collecting, I was visiting Vancouver Island on business and with a wee bit of time to spare, visited a used book shop. Since I had attended a boys’ prep school in my more formative years on the Island, my intentions for visiting this book haunt was to see if they had in fact, a school year book for the period I was in attendance at the school. This they did have, but the book store attendant was good enough to inquire if there was anything else I was interested in. With this, I asked him if he had any books on old writing instruments and in particular fountain pens. “No”, was his answer, “But I do have a cigar box with a few old pens in it.” To which I asked him if these old pens were for sale? He then turned and disappeared into the catacombs of his book shop, then returned with a colourful box which had definitely held cigars. This he passed on to me with the comment, “If you want to buy just one pen from this box, my price will be twenty five dollars. But if you see virtue in several, my price would be fifteen dollars per.” Well it was truly a surprise when I opened the box because of the nine pens made available, there wasn’t one that could be overlooked. Still I had visited the Antique Mall on Fort Street and bought a old Meccano outfit, so I really have to admit that I wasn’t flush. Still, I selected five of the nine which included a beautiful seemingly old store stock Parker 75, 23K Gold plate over Sterling, An equally mint Parker VP, a Parker 51 Vacumatic with a sterling silver cap band Circa 1943 -also unused- and best of all, a Sheaffer PFM III in blue and finally a PFM IV.

Years later-- in 2012--  regarding the introduction of a new Sheaffer line up, Patrick the importer of Sheaffer pens into BC (who was also the brother of Richard, the owner of the Perks stores) attended a Vancouver pen club meet at the Cambie Street location. During the meeting I showed Patrick my PFM IV, and he was so taken with it that he gifted me the Sheaffer inlaid nib in store advertising counter top display piece. Needless to say, I was thrilled. Well when I got home I wanted to stow my PFM, but did not have a proper box for it so I simply put the pen in the Sheaffer inlaid nib display box and put it in a safe place in my study. So safe, in fact, that for years I just could not find it. Then the other day while digging out a vintage 1930s Meccano manual in the back of the drawer, there was the box with the advertising piece and my Sheaffer PFM. But to my total surprise it was not a PFM IV but a PFM V! And in the same mint shape as those vintage treasures I picked up with it on Vancouver Island many years ago."

(image courtesy of Christopher ~ click on image to enlarge)

"So, a quick overview of this PFM. Well it has a Gold filled cap and clip with the Sheaffer white Dot designation. The cap is also vertically lined, but a second type with the lines not extended. The barrel and grip section are jet black and inlaid into the section is a beautiful 14K Gold nib. There is also a 14K Gold filled cap on the end of the barrel and the Main pen cap sports the date inscribed as 1960. This a big pen with a equally big Sheaffer Snorkel filler which is in good working condition. If you like big pens, this one sure fills the bill. Hopefully I will not misplace it again and go on to use it often."

Info about our December meeting will be posted here by the end of this week!
Have a good week, everyone!

Monday, November 20, 2023

November meeting photos!

Our November 2023 meeting was held on the 16th at a brand-new venue for our club -- the Renfrew branch of the Vancouver Public Library, in Vancouver's north-east.

Our meeting theme was supposed to be "Fountain Pens Marketed to Specific Genders", but the meeting wound up being a lot more unstructured lol (we had a very large turnout and I was really late in arriving). From the feedback I got, though, it sounds like most everyone had a great time just chatting about pens and showing each other their newest acquisitions & current favourites.

I snapped some photos during the meeting and Sherman sent me the ones he took, so without further ado, here they are!

(photos 1-13 & 20 from Maja; photos 14-19 courtesy of Sherman ~ click on images to enlarge)

It was great to see both of our club's co-founders at the meeting! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ That's me (Maja) between Tim Conklin (on the left) and Bill Kempton. Tim and Bill co-founded our club back in 2006 -- time flies!

Bill remembered to bring something for our meeting topic--this lovely swirly dark pink vintage lever-filler by the British company Onoto. Bill said he acquired the pen in Australia and that it came with its original box & paperwork, as well as a note indicating the name of its original owner, a Miss/Mrs. Mountbatten.

Bill also brought a couple of modern fountain pens to the meeting-- a Blue-Striped Pelikan 'M215' and a glossy Conklin 'Cresecent-Filler" in chased black plastic and rose gold trim, both gifts from our mutual friend Glenn G. in Australia  (and no-- our co-founder Tim Conklin is not related to the Conklin Pen Company lol). I love Bill's classy monogrammed leather journal cover...


I also brought something for our meeting's primary theme--a black Sheaffer 'Pen For Men' (PFM I) and a Wearever 'Lady Fair'--two vintage pens definitely marketed to specific genders.

Many thanks to my fellow VPC member, Nathan, for the
wonderful 6-pen case--which he personalized for me himself (love it!)-- in the photo above. His excellent pen review YouTube channel "Doodlebud" is highly-recommended if you enjoy intelligent, concise pen reviews done in an engaging style by someone with a good sense of humour and an engineering point-of-view.

Stuart (who suggested our November theme) brought in this stunning vintage Sheaffer desk set (which fellow VPCer Karen rightly called a "showstopper")...

The fine bone china base was made by the famous American manufacturer Lenox, makers of tableware for several U.S. Presidents.

I love the base's subtly scalloped, delicately-upturned edges.....

(photo above) From the sticker affixed to the bottom of the base, we can see that this Sheaffer desk set is model 2710L, the "Lenox China Writing Set" and that its original price was $27.50 (most likely in the late 1950s). This would be close to $300 USD in today's dollars, a not insignificant amount. The desk pen accompanying the base is a lovely Lady Sheaffer fountain pen in the gold "Moire" pattern.

Another wonderful vintage desk set made by an American company---Karen's Parker 51 double desk set with a white & brown veined marble base...

The desk set was acquired by Karen from an antique store in southern Manitoba. Karen joined our club during the early part of the pandemic, and attended her first in-person meeting this month!

Dana --who we hadn't seen in ages (welcome back, Dana!)-- also acquired something from a far-flung part of Canada, the lovely modern fountain pen that's second from the right in the photo above - a Franklin-Christoph Model 46 "Stars on Sapphire Lakes" special edition made for Gourmet Pens, a well-known Canadian "penfluencer".

The pen's resin material (specially made for this LE pen by Stormwinds Creations) was inspired by the West Kootenay hiking trails in British Columbia --from Gourmet Pens' website: "The upper and lower lakes boast shimmering turquoise waters, waterfalls, exquisite flora, and breathtaking views. When night falls and the sky is clear and glowing, the reflection of the stars in the crisp water is a peek into another world right here on our planet."

Dana bought the pen in person at Scriptus, the annual one-day pen show held in Toronto each October. She also acquired another Franklin-Christoph special edition
at the pen show (not shown), a Model 20 fountain pen made for Canadian retailer Wonder Pens. The other pens in the case are: (L-R) Dana's Pelikan 'M805' Transparent English Etchings, Pelikan 'M805' Blue Dunes, Pilot 'Custom 823', a green-striped Pelikan 'M800' (with a fantastic reground nib), and a Leonardo 'Momento Magico'.

Keen vintage pen collector Grant also brought a recent acquisition to show -- a handsome vintage Parker 'Duofold' Senior (a/k/a "Big Red") with a very crisp barrel imprint --and a sentimental pen, his great-grandfather's vintage Waterman fountain pen (unknown model) with a "Made in Canada" imprint and accommodation clip.

It was brand-new member David's first Vancouver Pen Club meeting, but he brought a bevy of very nice vintage fountain pens to show. In the photo above, there are several by Parker (left to right:a black & pearl 'Duofold' flat top, four Vacumatics, a '51', a Striped Duofold, and a '45'), as well as a black vintage Waterman '94' and a Wahl-Eversharp 'Skyline' (far right of photo)-- a great sampling of classic vintage models!

And speaking of new members, that's Sherman taking a selfie with (left to right) newcomers Nicole, Maria and Rumi! (longtime members Sabrina and Jerred --far right--can be seen in the background)

Skye (waving) had a huge pen & ink sale going on during the meeting! This downsizing-sale-prior-to-a-big-move benefited many of our members, who got some amazing inks and high-quality fountain pens for rock-bottom prices ๐Ÿ˜,

Sherman took home a couple of nice bargains himself -- a bottle of Montblanc ink and a pen by Leonardo Officina Italiana.

(Above) Sherman's new Leoanrdo 'Momento Zero' in Turqoise Green/Black Pen Chalet special edition, made for the well-known American online retailer. The pen was an even better deal because the nib suffered a tragic accident while Skye owned it. Hopefully, Sherman can get the nib fixed (or acquire a replacement nib) to get this Italian beauty up & running!

Sherman's new ink--a bottle of Montblanc 'Modena Red'...

Many other members acquired new pens and/or inks during Skye's sale, like Amy who acquired one of her "grail pens":

...this gorgeous Pelikan M600 'Violet-White' fountain pen! (yay, Amy :).

Many thanks to Sherman for sharing the photos he took during our November meeting, the Vancouver Public Library's Renfrew branch for allowing us the use of their Branch Meeting Room, and to everyone who came to the meeting!
~December meeting info will be posted here by the end of November~

(~Blog post by Maja~)

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Reminder - meeting tomorrow! (new time & place)!

Just a little reminder about our meeting at the Vancouver Public Library's RENFREW branch tomorrow (Thursday November 16) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm !

All details in this post  + no need to RSVP. Hope to see you there! ๐Ÿ˜

Friday, November 3, 2023

Happy Fountain Pen Day 2023!

From the official website: "Taking place on the first Friday in November each year, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated by enthusiasts worldwide as a time to embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens."

Not that we need an excuse to buy a new fountain pen ๐Ÿ˜€, but if you want to shop locally, here's an (updated) list of local pen stores that carry fountain pens.

Have a great (fountain pen) day, everyone! ๐Ÿ–‹️

(~photos & blog post by Maja~)

Thursday, November 2, 2023

November meeting info (NEW place, NEW time!)

What: Vancouver Pen Club's November 2023 meeting


Where: The Branch Meeting Room of the Vancouver Public Library's RENFREW branch at 2969 East 22nd Avenue, in Vancouver, BC (on 22nd Avenue, between Renfrew and Nootka).

Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm (please note: we have to leave the room by 7:30pm, as per the library's room rental policy)



(If you don't have anything for our topics, please come to the meeting anyway and see what others brought; our meetings are meant to be fun & educational, and we certainly don't expect people to have stuff to show at every meeting :)

Hope you can make it! (no RSVP required, either)