Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photos from our 2014 Summer Dinner

As you can see, we had good attendance (19 people) for our summer dinner at the White Spot inside Oakridge Mall on August 21. This annual event is our small-but-heartfelt way of saying "Thanks!" to Richard Clarke of Perks pen store, our pen club host since 2007. Many thanks to Ralph for taking the photos below!

(click on photos to enlarge images)
Photo above: That's me (Maja) next to our Guest of Honour, Richard.
Longtime VPC member Glenn Marcus (center), flanked by Stephanie & Charles to his right, and Glenn Collins to his left.
That's Stuart on the far right, sitting next to Sienca.
Mike & his wife Kathy enjoying their dinner at White Spot.
From right to left: Barry K (wearing the white & yellow striped shirt), Peter, Aaron, Anne, Stuart, Sienca and Glenn C.
A toast to Richard!!
Above: Peter chillin', while my friend Glenn Garside (with orange shirt) from Australia snaps some souvenir photos. I think Glenn definitely earned the "Traveled Furthest to Attend This Event" award this year! ;)
Richard and Glenn discussing (what else?) -- fountain pens!
Though the dinner wasn't a regular meeting, many members brought fountain pens (new acquisitions, mostly) to show their fellow VPCers. That's another one of our longtime members, Bruce (far left) trying out a pen while Peter, Glenn C and Sienca look on with interest.
Isn't it handy having a tablet to look up pen-related info? Barry and Mike think so :)
Just realized I didn't identify a couple of members in the photo above. That's Marey (one our newer members) in the lower left-hand corner, and Bill Kempton (one of our founding members) sitting between Glenn Marcus and Glenn Garside. My apologies for the oversight!

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