Saturday, October 7, 2017

October meeting details (Pen & Ink Swap, too!)

Date: Thursday October 19, 2017
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Place: the amenities room of the condominium located at 350 East 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, BC (on the south side of East 2nd Avenue, between Scotia & Brunswick...two & a half blocks east of Main Street). This is where we had the September 2017 meeting.

Topic: BEGINNER FOUNTAIN PENS. Please bring 1-3 fountain pens that you think might be well-suited to those who are just getting into fountain pens---either school-aged children or adults. If you don't have any fountain pens that fit the topic, no worries---just come and see what others brought. Many thanks to Tony for the idea!
Our secondary theme is always Newest Acquisitions, so if you have any new pens, ink or pen-related accessories (e.g. pen cases), please bring them to the meeting for us to see.

PEN & INK SWAP---it's all voluntary, of course, so if you have any ink or pens you want to trade (or sell), please bring them with you to the meeting. This is a great chance to unload some pens and ink that you aren't using very much, and to get something that you might get more use out of. Oh, and the ink can be in bottles (they don't have to be full bottles) or cartridges.

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