Monday, January 16, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

A lovely bright red Waterman 'Ici et La' fountain pen from my good friend Glenn in Australia, and a glossy black Italix 'Parson's Essential' (fitted with a great Medium Stub nib) from MrPen in the United Kingdom (~ Click on image to enlarge ~)

Friday, January 6, 2017

November 2016 meeting photos (finally!)

We had good attendance at the November meeting, held at the Oakridge branch of the Vancouver Public Library; 14 members (Maja, Bruce, Ralph, Glenn M, Harry, Jerred, Christopher, Peter, Stanley, Stuart, June, Bart and newcomers Jenny and Sandra) were on hand to show their new acquisitions and black fountain pens (the latter being November's theme).

Without further ado, here are some of the pens we saw (apologies to those whose pens I forgot to photograph!)~ ~ ~ Click on photos to enlarge ~ ~ ~

Jerred's nice collection of black fountain pens, and two recent acquisitions on the right (a clear Wing Sung 698 and a blue LingMo 'Lorelei' model):
The first half of Stuart's black pen collection (and some newer acquisitions):
Part two of Stuart's black FP collection, and some cool recent purchases, including a Faber-Castell 'E-Motion' fountain pen in Parquet Resin Brown--a pen model that has a wonderful steel nib (I own one, too!):
Ralph's fine examples of both vintage (Sheaffer PFM in the foreground, Sheaffer Targa in the box on the left) and modern black fountain pens (MB Boheme in the box on the right):
An interesting "Frankenpen" (pen made with parts from various pen models/manufacturers) that Harry brought in. It was put together by a friend of his and sports a Parker cap and barrel, a Soennecken clip and a nice vintage Wahl-Eversharp nib:
Here's that W-E nib...
Bruce's collection of black fountain pens---Italian beauties by Visconti and OMAS, with a couple of German classics (Montblanc and Pelikan) thrown in...
Part of my (Maja's) black fountain pen collection (hey, I've been collecting for > 15 years :)
More black fountain pens of mine...
My parents' vintage Kaweco fountain pens in my Mom's old pen case (she kept that small photo of my Dad in it):
Glenn Marcus' great black fountain pen collection--part 1:
Part 2 of Glenn's collection:
Our secondary topic is always Newest Acquisitions. Here's a hard-to-find older Visconti ink that Bruce managed to acquire recently:
A Sheaffer Triumph that Christopher found in an antique shop, a great vintage find:
Christopher was kind enough to send me some photos (of pens he brought to the meeting) to post on our site:

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017 from the Vancouver Pen Club!

(click to enlarge photo)

Santa with the lovely ivory Delta Matte Journal fountain pen I got from Frank at Federalist Pens, with some Christmas money I received from my generous in-laws :)

January 2017 meeting info----new date & venue info!

January 2017 meeting details:

Date: Friday January 13th, 2017

Time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm (we have to leave the room by 8:30pm sharp, so we can't stay late). The start time isn't set in stone---we will probably start closer to 6:30pm, but I wanted some extra time to move tables and chairs in the meeting room.

Topic: "OLD FRIENDS"--- fountain pens that you haven't used in a very long time, but "rediscovered" (I got the idea from Paul of the Calgary Pen Club, who used the topic in August 2015). Secondary topic: Newest Acquisitions.

Place: The Community Room (Meeting Room) of the Vancouver Public Library's Oakridge branch (at the back of Oakridge Mall), 650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC (ie. the same room in which we had our November meeting).

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November meeting info----important! (Venue & Date change)

Our November meeting will NOT be held at Perks on November 17. Instead, it will be held on Thursday November 24th (ie. one week later) at the Oakridge branch of the Vancouver Public Library in a meeting room I booked for us to use. Please see details below.

November VPC meeting details:
Date: Thursday November 24th, 2016
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm (we have to leave the room by 8:30pm, so we can't stay late....the library closes at 9:00pm though)
Topic: BLACK FOUNTAIN PENS & our twice-yearly INK SWAP (bring any ink you want to trade with other members. Ink cartridges are OK and ink bottles do not have to be full). Our secondary topic is always Newest Acquisitions.
Place: The Community Room (Meeting Room) of the Vancouver Public Library's Oakridge branch (at the back of Oakridge Mall), 650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

The library entrance is near the Oakridge Fish Market, on the west side of Oakridge Mall. The library is below ground level, so take the stairs (or elevator) down to the library level. Please note: we're not allowed to eat or drink in the meeting room, so if you're hungry before the meeting, Oakridge Mall has a nice food fair and the Safeway inside the mall has hot dinner items that you can get "to go" & eat at the food fair.

We don't have December meetings, so the one on Thursday November 24th will be the last of 2016, but we will be back with regular meetings in January 2017 (Thursday January 19). Meeting place (venue): to be announced. The topic for January 2017 will be "OLD FRIENDS"---fountain pens that you haven't used in a very long time, but "rediscovered" (I got the idea from Paul of the Calgary Pen Club, who used the topic in August 2015---thanks, Paul! :)

No need to RSVP for the meeting on the 24th at the library, but I hope you can make it! The Ink Swap is totally voluntary, by the way, and if you don't have any black fountain pens, don't worry----just come and see what other members have brought. If you have any new acquisitions (pen-related)---e.g. new pens, new inks, new pen accessories---please bring them along for us to see. Hope to see you there!

My new Lamy

A quick shot of my new Lamy LX in the Rose Gold colour.
(click on image to enlarge)
My photo doesn't do it justice but I wanted to post it here because I bought it with some birthday money given to me by my wonderful aunt in Europe :)

October meeting---"Paper View" (a special presentation on paper)

Twenty-two Vancouver Pen Club members were on hand at our October 20th meeting to hear an informative and very entertaining talk about paper by Tracey Pitt of Veritiv Corporation, a Fortune 500® company that is "a leading provider of packaging, print and paper, publishing, facility solutions and logistics" (from their LinkedIn page).

That's Tracey in the middle of the photo during her talk (~ Click on images to enlarge ~):

The talk began with a brief history of the making of (what we'd call) "modern paper". I was surprised to learn that many modern paper-making machines still use the principles of the Fourdrinier system (patented in 1806) which uses a moving wire mesh belt to create large paper rolls. I was also surprised by the vast variety of paper made, and the specificity of its uses by some large companies (e.g. The Gap and Tiffany & Co). We then learned about the recycling of paper (apparently Canada does quite well in that regard, achieving around a 80-86% recycling rate) and the reuse of this recycled material in papers of various grades.

Each member who attended the meeting was given a complimentary notepad from Veritiv. These "PaperPal" pads were made by Domtar, a company that is heavily (and cleverly) promoting the educational and cognitive benefits of handwriting (check out this page on their website about this topic---it's fascinating----and this one too).
(this was the image on the back of the "PaperPal" notepads we were given; image borrowed from Domtar's website----you can find an enlarged image of it on the first link above)

Tracey's talk ended with a short video about the work of Dr. David Eagleman (official website here ), an American neuroscientist and author and his study of haptics. Fascinating stuff!

In addition to her excellent audio-visual presentation, Tracey brought along samples of fine writing paper from various companies for us to try and compare (it's not pictured but my favourite was the Astrolite PC 100 paper made by Monadnock, which is made of 100% recycled material...amazing). Here's a quick shot of some Neenah paper, specifically their 70-lb "Royal Sundance" paper:
Members trying out paper samples:
A flurry of activity!
Many thanks to Tracey for taking the time to prepare and present such a fun and educational talk, as well as for the paper samples and notepads! Thanks also go out to Christopher, who put me in touch with Tracey a few weeks ago to arrange her talk with our pen club. Christopher brought in a very old German advertisement for ladies' hats that was printed on paper (I believe it's from the 1400s). My blurry photo (apologies!) of this paper treasure below: