Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to our club

Welcome to the Vancouver Pen Club. I seem to be first up to sign in officially - or at least the first to figure out the process! We are a pretty informal group of pen collectors and enthusiasts, out here on the West Coast. Anyone interested in coming to our monthly meetings can email me for details, because we'd love to see you there.

Since this is a first, I am attaching a photo taken at the inaugural meeting of the VPC, way back in December 2006.

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Vancouver Pen Club said...

Thanks for the intro and photo, Bill; I remember that first VPC meeting at Moxie's restaurant in downtown Vancouver (Vancouver, B.C, incidentally... *not* Vancouver, WA!)
very well :)
We will be adding information regarding future VPC meetings on this Blogger site, so I urge anyone interested in attending to check the site for updates.