Thursday, October 23, 2008

a tip from the Bellingham trip

I'm sure more will be said about our Bellingham trip to meet members of the Seattle Pen Club, but I just wanted to pass along this tip, given me by Arvin Chaikin. I had a Parker Vector with me, suffering from a tight nib: the ink wouldn't flow evenly, and kept drying. Arvin said try this: using a thumbnail pressed against the nib from the back, flex first one side upwards, then the other side. Push it straight up from the plastic portion of the ink regulator in the direction shown by the arrow - very gently. This increases the gap between the nib and regulator, and also very slightly spreads the two sides of the nib. Just do it a tiny bit, try the pen, and repeat if necessary. Twice was enough on my pen, and now it writes perfectly. Thanks Arvin!

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