Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Designer Writing Instruments of the Twentieth Century

Here is Mike A's introduction to the topic on which he will be giving a short presentation at this Thursday's meeting.

Designer Writing Instruments of the Twentieth Century

My interest in fountain pens began not long ago when I was fortunate to have inherited my father's Parker 51. This pen was a gift he received from my mother when they were dating in the late 1940's.

In my search for someone to repair this pen I discovered a whole world of writing instrument enthusiasts.

One day perusing The Fountain Pen Network I saw the mention of a pen designed by Raymond Loewy. As a fan of twentieth century industrial design and an owner of a Rosenthal china set designed by Loewy I knew I would have to have an Eversharp Symphony.

I soon discovered that many prominent designers had been commissioned to design writing
instruments. This became the focus of my collection. I will be discussing this aspect of industrial design at our January meeting.

Here is a list of pens by major designers; I hope that if you own any of these you will bring them to show.

Aurora 88
Aurora Sele
Aurora Hastil
Aurora Thesi
Aurora Kona
Eversharp Skyline
Eversharp Fifth Avenue
Eversharp Symphony

Lamy 2000
Lamy CP1
Lamy ST
Lamy Unic
Lamy Persona
Montblanc No.12
Montblanc No.14
Omas Tokyo
Parker 25
Pelikan Colani
Pelikan P80
Waterman's Hundred Year Pen
Waterman C/F

Photo taken after Mike's excellent presentation on
Designer Writing Instruments of the Twentieth Century at the January 2009 VPC meeting.
From L-R: Richard, Bruce, Graham, Bill, Derek, Maja, Mike, Christopher, Tim, Frank and Dave.

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Derek-L said...

Excellent, beautifully presented and interesting presentation Michael.

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