Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 19, 2009 VPC meeting

We had a good turnout at last Thursday's meeting at Perks pen store---three new members showed up, and we had many nice green pens to admire (as evidenced by the pens displayed on the counter in the photo above--> click on photo to enlarge)
From L-R: Ian, Brian, Maja (myself), Richard (in mirror's reflection---he's the one taking the photo), Mike, Barry, Charles, Bill K and Glenn. Missing from photo: Bill S. & wife Suzanne (who had to leave early). Many thanks to all who showed up; I hope we get an equally good turnout for the April meeting. Please check the website for further details early next month.


mawcatax said...

Hi Maja and the rest of the VPC,
I just happened to be surfing around my favourite pen sites. I must say that I love what you have been doing. The photos and narrative are terrific! You can just tell from the photo that you are a great group and must have an awesome time when you meet. We must have a joint London-Vancouver meeting some day soon (at least some type of interclub exchange!).

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Many thanks for the kind comments, Mike. I must say your own club (London Pen Club) blog and website are a hard act to follow :) I guess this is as good a time as any to once again thank all the contributors to our own site; many thanks to all of you! Best wishes to you & your fellow LPC members, Mike! Cheers ~Maja