Sunday, April 12, 2009

April meeting details

Date: Thursday April 16, 2009 (this Thursday)
Time: 6:00 pm --"Meet & Greet" ; 6:30 pm --Start of meeting.
Place: Perks pen shop, 5844 Cambie St. (at 42nd Ave.), Vancouver, B.C.
(across from Oakridge Mall...same place as last month's meeting)

Theme: Vintage Pen Repairs (an informal talk on some vintage fountain pen repairs by me)

I won't be doing any demos with unrestored pens (too stressful!) but I will be bringing the tools I have used to resac my own lever-fillers, button-fillers, Touchdown fillers, and Snorkel-fillers, as well as examples of my own (restored) pens to show you how easy (or difficult, as the case may be!) it is to repair these common types of vintage pens. I do not have experience with restoration of Parker Vacumatics, piston-fillers or vacuum-filler pens (eg. Sheaffer vac-fillers) but if anyone else does and wishes to contribute his/her knowledge, he/she is most welcome to do so at the meeting!

Our secondary theme is always "New Acquisitions", so if you have any new pens/paper/inks to show, please bring them along. Hope to see a good turnout!

Edit: I added a photo Richard took of me giving my "little" (1 hour!) talk on vintage pen repair. As you can see, we are very fortunate to have the use of Richard's wonderful Perks pen store for our meetings; it is an elegant setting with an abundance of good lighting, wonderful pen displays and plenty of counter space (of which you can never get enough, when it comes to pen club meetings!). Many thanks, as always, Richard for being such a great host.

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