Sunday, May 31, 2009

However did I manage without one?

Here's pride of place on my desk right now - a Parker desk pen, sent me by my good friend Glenn. (You can find him as Eccles, at FPN.) The base, unfortunately, isn't the original, which broke in transit, but with a little engineering this marble replacement fitted nicely to the pen holder. It's in perfect working order, a good writer (a 51?), and I don't know why these ever lost popularity because it's really the ideal way of keeping a fountain pen on your desk - always in place, and never rolling away under papers. Perry Mason had one of these in his office too, in those 1950s TV shows. What better recommendation? "Della, what was that phone number again? And get Paul Drake in here right away..."


Vancouver Pen Club said...

Very cool pen (and replacement base), Bill. Happy belated birthday!

Graham Mitchell said...

Nice, nice. I've been hankering after a desk pen myself for a while.

paul said...

I started using an Esterbrook 444 inkwell at work... it's cool, and garners enough attention I'm waiting to have someone scream at me when they pick it up and discover it's full of ink. Still looking for a desk pen so I don't have to dip, but for the short notes I take (working in IT) it's perfect.