Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recommended book

Hi All - I just picked this up from the Richmond Chapters. It's a history of handwriting: "Script and Scribble" by Kitty Burns Florey. Very good for the price too, reduced to $4.99 At the time I was there, they had a stack of these on the sale table.


KateGladstone said...

Hi! Your comment came up on a search I was doing for "Script and Scribble."

I'm mentioned in that book (on a few pages near the end -- I'm the handwriting teacher that Kitty describes working with to, for help with her own handwriting, as part of researching that book -- but the book's appendix gives a wrong URL for me because my URL was moving as the book was being edited. (I told the editor, who forgot to make the change before the book came out.)

So, when you get to the appendix and see my name mentioned, please disregard the URL given there (as it no longer works) and instead visit my current URL at

Oh -- and if your pen club ever invites Kitty Florey as a speaker, I'd love to come too. I never actually met her -- just saw and responded to her samples that she e-mailed: teaching her by long distance.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Thank you for the URL update, Kate; you are most welcome to attend any of our meetings!

Best wishes,

RJ said...

Picked this book up from the sales rack at our local Chapter's this evening and then come home and find a post about it here. It's a strange and wonderful world. Can't comment on the book itself as I haven't read it, but it looked interesting enough to purchase.

Rick from London

KateGladstone said...

I live far from Vancouver, but if I ever can visit Vancouver I will try to attend a meeting.