Sunday, October 24, 2010

Frankenpens etc. - our October meeting

Ever wonder how to fix that pen you can no longer get parts for? Maja had some answers to this question in her wonderful presentation at our October meeting on 'Frankenpens' - mixing and matching pen parts. For example, Waterman nibs will go into a lot of non-vintage, non-Waterman pens. And Esterbrook nibs, which are screw-fit, will fit British Osmiroid pens. A Cross 'Solo' nib-section will fit into the Parker ‘Big Red’ rollerball, turning it into a fountain pen. Those cheap Iridium nibs will fit into many brands, too. She has even found a way to get a standard Bic refill to work in her vintage Eversharp Skyline ballpoint. The secret, Maja says, is to experiment. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

As for our other theme, 'orange pens', Maja took top honours on that too with all her bright selection of fall colours. Plus as always, there were plenty of new pens on show.

Thanks everyone for being there and making it yet another great meeting. See you next month!

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