Monday, December 27, 2010

New pen book---Boxing week purchase

Just bought a great new pen book at the downtown Chapters store called "The Ultimate Books of Pens" by Barbro Garenfeld & Dietmar Geyer. It is 496 pages in length, in hardcover, is written in English, German and French (the text is side-by-side) and is lavishly illustrated with photos (many of which I have not seen in any pen book). I heartily recommend this tome, esp. since Chapters had it for $29.95 CAD (it scanned at $40.00 but the sticker said $29.95, so they gave it to me for the cheaper price). Get yours while they are still available! (there was a pile of them on the 2nd floor of the downtown Chapters on Robson, by the gift area). Update: Looks like some members got an even better deal as the hardcover version is now 30% off (ie. only $20.96 + tax!) due to a sale on all hardcover books at Chapters! Update to the Update... Two copies left at the Robson Street store as of January 27th, but the sticker price says $49.99 now


Unknown said...


I found this book also in Italy, but at a much higher price (60 euros). German was replaced by Italian, but I suppose the rest is the same.

I didn't bought it. It was not because the price, but because I was very disappointed when I found it propagating the fake history of the "ink blot" regarding the Waterman foundation.

It's a well know fake (Nishimura article on Pennant is from 1999), and to find it in a today book is disappointing.

Some people in the italian pen forum ( pointed me to this article, so I'm giving advice here. I put a more complete review in my blog ( but it's in Italian, becasue I'm not good enough to write one in english.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

I had read David Nishimura's article on the Waterman story, and it's one that has been bandied about for so long that it's become almost lore....One could always write to the authors or the publishing company to point out any inconsistencies or errors. I merely posted about the great bargain I got at a local book store :)

I got my own copy for a real bargain and the photos *are* lovely, so I can't complain too much about it. Half the fun of fountain pen reference books is seeing photos of pens that one could never dream of owning :)

Thanks for the comment.