Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Hawaii Option Well Worth Considering

A pen store review from one of our members.....


On a recent visit to Hawaii, my wife Chris and I visited the Pele Signature Pen shop, which is located on the Waikiki strip in the Outrigger Mall (2335 Kalakaua Ave.). We actually had visited the store previously, when it first opened and met the wife of the Pele Signature Pen designer. She was most accommodating and gave us a complete history and rundown on her husband’s fine pens. These impressive and most attractive writing instruments are crafted from fine rich woods, re the barrels and caps. To these wooden parts, he adds fittings, nibs and fillers, to make up stunning fountain and ball point pens, in a wide variety of finishes. The store is well stocked and a treat for any pen collector to check out. The staff seemed most eager to relate all points of interest about the their pens and the prices are well within market reality. If you are visiting Hawaii, and in particular Waikiki, don’t miss this option. I believe Pele Pens can also be ordered and there is a great utube video, which will give you a good idea of what is available.


Christopher M. Robertson

(I added a quick photo--click on photo to enlarge--of the store's business card to Christopher's review as it gives the store's current website, at . The old website mentioned in the YouTube video is out-of-date)

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