Friday, March 16, 2012

March meeting photos

We had an excellent turnout for our meeting last night---19 of us showed up to see and hear about Waterman fountain pens---and I'm happy to report that both vintage and modern Waterman pens were well-represented.

Special thanks to Brian for bringing so many great pens, as well as some rare Waterman company literature to share with us. Brian was also kind enough to donate a door prize (an impressive 'no-name' fountain pen) for our draw, which was won by Glenn C. Many thanks to everyone (too many people to name!) who brought their Waterman fountain pens for us to see--- your participation is invaluable! ---and to all who showed up for the March meeting. Next meeting date: Thursday April 19th (Theme: TBA)

Now, here are some quick photos that Richard snapped using his camera phone (click on individual photos to enlarge) :

(Brian---in foreground, with his back to the camera---gave a nice talk on various Waterman fountain pens, from the world's smallest---the Waterman 'Doll' pen, roughly the size of a matchstick---to the gorgeous '100 Year' pen, and everything in between!)

(Bill S--slightly left of center, with pale long-sleeved shirt--- brought his dazzling collection of Waterman Directeur Général fountain pens; Glenn C--far right, with pale long-sleeved shirt--- brought a lovely vintage black hard rubber Waterman with a very flexible nib. Bruce and Julienne--- to Glenn C's immediate right---admire a vintage Waterman pen brought in by Brian. Julienne forgot to bring her lovely Waterman Exception, but Bruce remembered to bring his Waterman Charleston; Graham---foreground, with red T-shirt---brought his lone Waterman, a nice Taperite Citation)

(Sam C--standing to Bill's left---brought his collection of Waterman pens, which included a stunning Liaison set, among other great pens; new VPC member John H---standing to Bill's right--- brought his Waterman 100 Yr/Emblem, a WWII-era pen with great sentimental value )

(Glenn M---far left, leaning on table---brought a wonderful collection of Waterman pens, including some modern Patricians and several Edsons; Michael---left foreground, with glasses---brought some classic Waterman pens, including a glossy black Waterman CF set, Waterman's first cartridge pen; Ralph---in lower right hand corner of photo---brought along a Waterman Laureat pen that was given to passengers who flew on Air France's Concorde plane)

(VPCer Mark---extreme left of photo---and I---wearing a black T-shirt---brought our respective Waterman collections, both good representations of Waterman's vintage pens, although Mark's oldest Waterman pen predates mine by several decades :)

(Christopher R---far left, wearing light-coloured jacket---brought a boxed Waterman Phileas "starter" set, a great "First Fountain Pen", now sadly discontinued; David S---to Christopher's right---listens to Brian's presentation; Derek---not pictured---arrived late, but brought along some amazing vintage Watermans)

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