Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some photos from our May meeting

Many thanks to all who came to our May 17th meeting at Perks pen store. Fifteen VPC members and one out-of-town guest (Jim W. from the Seattle Pen Club) showed up to hear about our topic-- "Pens from Exotic Places"-- which was well-represented with pens from Argentina, India, China & Taiwan. Special thanks to Brian for donating this handsome tome for our door prize won by Wai S (speaking of books on pens, this is a very handy reference site on the subject: website).
Note: Our next meeting will be on Thursday June 21 at our usual venue (Perks pen store, 5844 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC) and the meeting theme will be "Custom & Handcrafted Pens"--ie. pens *not* made by the big pen companies.
Now, here are some photos I snapped at our May meeting:

Photo above (from Left to Right): Charles, Jim from the Seattle Pen Club, Brian, Norm and May. In the background, Christopher R. is talking to Louise (back to camera). Sorry for the poor picture quality--I'm still learning to keep the camera steady!

Photo above: Dave M. (back to camera) and Bob M. in a deep discussion about fountain pens

We had a nice assortment of pens from exotic places brought in for the 'show & tell', including some lovely fantasty Parker 51 pens and caps made by Ariel Kullock from Argentina, as well as pens made in India by Charter, Guider, Ushat and Wality/Airmail and a few from China and Taiwan. Here are the fountain pens I brought relating to our meeting theme (click on pics to enlarge):

(from L-R: Parker '51' fantasy pen, Wality/Airmail models '71J' (3 pens in this particular model), '71JT', '69TL', '69TS', Guider 'Aja' pen made from 60-year old celluloid nitrate, Guider 'Aruna' model (??), ebonite Guider 'Marala I', ebonite pen by Brahman, and a TWSBI Diamond '530' pen

(from L-R: Laban 'Mento' pens in "Celebration Blue" and "Celebration Red" patterns, Kaigelu '316', MB-style pen with ringed pattern, Baoer '388', Hero '616' Jumbo, Hero '336', Hero '200A', Wing Sung '237', ebonite Long Life button-filler pen, hand-painted Hero '343', and the Jinhao 'Long March' pen (one of my favourite Chinese pens).

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