Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Dinner at Moxie's!

The 2012 VPC Summer Dinner at Moxie's Classic Grill on July 19th was well-attended and I think everyone had a great time--I know I did! We will be back to our regular meetings at Perks pen store on Thursday August 16 at 6:30pm, when our theme will be "Obscure Fountain Pen Brands" and our biannual (voluntary) Ink Swap.

Many thanks to Richard Clarke of Perks pen shop for continuing to host our meetings; this dinner was a small, but heart-felt "thank-you" for his gracious hospitality over the past year. We were very glad to see Tim Conklin, our club's founder, at the dinner; Tim managed to make it, despite his busy schedule. Many thanks, once again, to everyone who chipped in for my own meal; it was an unexpected surprise and much-appreciated :)

(all photos below taken by Tim, except for the last one-- Click on photos to enlarge)

(photo above: Top Row (L-R): Greg, Mark's wife Liisa, Charles, Bill K, Maja, Richard, Glenn M, Tim, Bruce; Bottom Row (L-R): Mark, Tristan, Graham, Michael, Glenn C and David S)
(photo above: me (Maja) with Richard, the evening's V.I.P)
(photo above: Richard chatting with Greg, one of our newer members)
(photo above: David S. chatting with Glenn Marcus on the right; Glenn recently came back from Italy, where he visited the Delta Pen factory in Naples. You can read his report here )
(photo above: the "other" Glenn---Glenn C, who has a keen interest in English-made fountain pens)
(photo above: Tristan, pen collector and die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan :)
(photo above: nice portrait of Michael Assaly, a valued contributor to our meetings)
(photo above: Bill K, one of our founding members)
(photo above: our club's founder--Tim Conklin)

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