Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Namaste from Nepal!

Just received an email with a letter from our pen club's founder, Tim Conklin, who is in Nepal visiting friends. Tim wanted me to share the letter with the members of our club, so here it is, written with a Parker '45' flighter fountain pen and Cross Black ink:
Thanks for the letter, Tim! Tim will be back in town for our November meeting, and I look forward to chatting with him about his adventures then.

Don't forget that our October meeting will be held next Thursday (October 17th) at the White Spot restaurant inside Oakridge Mall in Vancouver, BC. Meeting starts at 6:00pm and will go to about 8:30pm or so. Please RSVP (only if you'd like to attend) by October 12th at so we can save a seat for you. Our October topic/theme will be New Acquisitions (pen-related). Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

Tim's handwriting is great. Isn't it? Happy thanksgiving to you, Maja ,and all the other members in VPC.

Michael Tang

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Yes, it has a lot of "character" (personality)! Thanks for the good wishes, Michael. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, too!