Sunday, December 29, 2013

A recent acquisition (Hero 359 fountain pen)

~ Monty the Christmas Moose with my new Hero 359 fountain pen ~
Like many fountain pen users, I'm a fan of the iconic Lamy Safari fountain pen. A few weeks ago, I heard about a Chinese company that was making copies of this pen in non-Safari colour(s), so I ordered one of the purple fountain pens from eBay.
The pen arrived, safe and sound, and came with a converter and a free pack of Hero ink cartridges. A word about the cartridges---though they look like, they are not international cartridges. According to one online seller, though, you can use Parker or Aurora cartridges in this pen (note: I tried my Parker cartridges in the Hero after I posted this review, and they do fit. I don't have any Aurora cartridges to try, but I've heard many times that they are interchangeable with Parker's)
As for the pen itself, the plastic doesn't feel as sturdy as Lamy's ABS plastic, but it writes nicely, and its price point makes it the kind of pen you won't cry about losing (although I still prefer the construction & writing qualities of my Safaris :)
(review by Maja)


RJ said...

At a glance almost impossible to tell from a Lamy Safari, we had a member of the club in a bit of a panic that he had somehow missed a purple Safari for his collection. The pen I have also writes remarkably well, smooth medium nib that starts right away. I still prefer the quality of a Lamy, but these Hero 359's are darn nice pens.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Oh yes, they're a great value. I just wish they were made of the same type of material as the Safaris. I guess that's asking a bit much, though :) ~Maja