Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sumgai Finds!

A couple of photos from our meeting last Thursday, which featured "Sumgai Finds" or pens acquired at ridiculously low prices (definition/origin of the term "sumgai" on this page). Many thanks to all 24 VPC members who showed up for the meeting! Now the photos.....

Louise's amazing vintage pen finds---from L to R: Wahl-Eversharp 'Doric', Parker Duofold Geometric (“Toothbrush”) , Waterman 52½V, Sheaffer BCHR flat-top, Sheaffer flat-top in jade Radite, Sheaffer Balance, Parker Duofold 'Big Red'. Louise also brought a nice Parker Vacumatic, but it's not in the photo above. I'm sorry I didn't keep track of how much Louise paid for each pen, but it wasn't much!

(click images to enlarge photos)

Maja's bargain finds--from L-R: Wahl All-Metal ringtop, Lamy cp1, Lamy Ratio 47P, another Lamy Ratio 47P, a no-name lever-filler with 14K three-tined stub music nib, Sheaffer PFM I, Bexley Scheherazade (rollerball), Rotring 'Core'. The pens cost me (from L-R): 10¢, $10 total for the three Lamys, $20, $30, $9.95 and 25¢. Many thanks to my mother for finding the Wahl and Rotring for me (great finds, Mom :)

Our next meeting will be on Thursday February 20 at Perks pen store on Cambie Street, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm (ie. usual place & time). Meeting theme/topic: to be announced soon! THE TENTATIVE MEETING THEME WILL BE "2nd- & 3rd-tier Fountain Pens". I need to reconfirm something before finalizing this, but I will update this post, and create a new blog post, in the next few days.

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