Friday, January 23, 2015

Lady Pens.

Fountain Pens Marketed To Specific Genders was the theme of our last meeting.

I presented a Parker Lady Duofold along with a magazine ad from 1931.

Here is the ad and a photograph of the same model pen. In the photo I've included a tiny 18 kt gold filled Peter Pan and a well made unknown brand hard-rubber and gold plate pen and a Parker Duofold Senior, for scale.

(This ad is courtesy of Nathaniel Cerf of The Pen Market in Illinois <>.

I expect these tiny pens were designed for a ladies purse. Many pen companies advertised lady sized pens in the same style of the Lady Duofold. Parker also advertised a smaller Duofold as the vest pocket pen, for mens waistcoats.

There's another ad I found in my collection, a Canadian one from 1953 that tells us the sex of the Parker 51.


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Vancouver Pen Club said...

Derek, thank you so much for your blog post. Wonderful pen photo, as always!