Thursday, July 9, 2015

Extra topic for Vancouver Pen Club's July meeting!

I just thought of an extra topic for our July meeting, which will be held next Thursday----PENS & INK FOR SALE!

Last month, we had a voluntary pen/ink trade, but I don't think any folks were actually selling pens or inks (which you can do at any meeting, actually) so I thought I'd tack that onto this month's topic of Pen Cases. There is absolutely no obligation to bring anything to sell. I just remembered this because of the mini pen show--the Northwest Pen Round-Up!-- being held in Portland on Saturday July 11th (you can read about it in this link (<--click)).

Unfortunately, I can't make it to that one and thought "Why doesn't our club have a pen & ink sales night of our own for our members?" We won't have tables, of course, but just bring some stuff you want to sell that is pen-related (with the prices you want for them, even if they are just in your head :) You might want to come earlier (at 6:00pm) so you can get a jump on stuff for sale or to sell, but it's up to you. Hope you can make it!

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