Tuesday, January 5, 2016

November meeting photos (finally!)

Happy New Year! A grand total of 16 VPC members showed up for our November meeting, which was held at Perks pen store in central Vancouver. Our theme was "'Tis better to give than receive!" and members were asked to bring a fountain pen received as a gift, as well as a fountain pen that they would recommend others buy as a gift.
Here's what our members brought (G = pen received as a gift; R = pen one would recommend as a gift)
Back row (Left to Right): Maja's red & chrome Sheaffer '100'(R) and Elysee 'Damascene Globetrotter'(G), and Charles' koa wood fountain pen (G).

Front row (L to R): Glenn M's OMAS Lucens 2013 LE (G), Visconti Novelli August LE (new acquistion)& his new-style OMAS Paragon in the Milord size (R); Bethany's TWSBI 580 in green(R); Glenn C's Pilot Vanishing Point(R), Faber-Castell Ambition(G) & Pilot-Namiki Falcon (R); Christopher's Parker prototype Jotter ballpoint (R) & Waterman '54' (G); Bob W's Lamy Al-Star (R) & Sheaffer Imperial (G); Leo's Laban 'Sceptre'(G) & TWSBI Vac 700 (G); Peter's bullet-antler ballpoint (G) & Pilot Custom 74 (R); Tony's Platinum 'Riviere'(G) & Pilot 78G (R); Peter's Platinum 3776 & Sailor 'Profit' (Peter brought these in to show us their relative size in relation to the Pilot Custom 74).
Photo above: another shot of the three Japanese fountain pens Peter brought in (see above), as well as his bullet-antler ballpoint .
Photo above: Charles' Laban "Mento", the pen model he would recommend as a fountain pen gift.

Missing from photos: Bruce's Bexley 'Americana' (G) and his Visconti 'Van Gogh' in the Maxi size (R)...and Aaron's Parker Duofold 'Big Red' (G) and his Parker 'Vacumatic'(G). Catherine meant to bring a Sheaffer fountain pen she won as a door prize but left it at home, and she said she'd recommend the Lamy Safari/Al-Star as a pen gift.
Photo credits: Maja (photo 1), Christopher (photos 2 & 3), Richard (photos 4 & 5).

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