Monday, April 25, 2016

March meeting report

I was in California for most of March, so I missed our March meeting, but wanted to share some of VPC member Stuart's thoughts on it (with his permission, of course) with those who were also unable to attend. The topic of the month was "Green Pens" (one we've done before, but since the meeting fell on March 17th, it seems apropos).

In Stuart's words: The St. Patrick’s Day meeting went well - smaller turnout but a good array of green pens. Glenn Marcus showed some beauties, including a three-piece Pelikan set, and he confirmed the sad news that Omas is gone. Louise had a gorgeous Mabie Todd Swan in a wonderful iridescent celluloid, apparently very rare.

Sorry, no photos for the March meeting, but I'll post a couple from the April meeting in a day or so.

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