Friday, April 29, 2016

Yes, modern flexy nibs *do* exist!

In honour of my upcoming birthday, I acquired a wonderful new fountain pen from Kim at Meet my new Stipula Duetto in the "Cognac" colour:
(~click on images to enlarge~)

The pen is made of Cellocride®, Stipula's name for the cellulose acetate they used in the Duetto and some other pen models, such as the Ventidue '22' (sadly, both of these pens are no longer made). The placement of the Cellocride® slabs creates a lovely effect when light hits the pen. My photos don't do it justice, but trust me, it's a stunning writing instrument.

In addition to being a gorgeous fountain pen, my Duetto has a wonderfully flexy Titanium nib, as you can see in the writing sample below (ink: Noodler's "Galileo Manuscript", created exclusively for the Fountain Pen Network ):

Thanks again, Kim, for this wonderful addition to my Italian pen collection!


Unknown said...

I'm so pleased you are enjoying it as much as I did!

Vancouver Pen Club said...

I love it! Thanks again, Kim :)