Sunday, June 5, 2016

May meeting photos

We had good attendance for the May 17th meeting held at our usual venue, Perks pen store at 5844 Cambie Street, Vancouver. Sixteen members, including three newcomers (Bart, Jas and June), showed up to see and discuss our May topic, fountain pens with extra-fine (XF) nibs. We saw a wide variety of pens, both modern and vintage, and I snapped some quick photos of them (VPC group photos by Richard).

Here is what our members brought for the topic:
Alejanda: Parker '51'
Bart: Lamy 2000 & Pilot Metropolitan.
Catherine: (didn't bring it, but has a Lamy Safari with an XF nib)
Charles: Sheaffer Snorkel, Sheaffer Balance, Sheaffer Craftsman, Sheaffer Admiral and two Parker '51's.
Christopher: Parker Moderne, Esterbrook Dollar Pen in the hard-to-find "Cracked Ice" pattern, Peter Pan, Esterbrook Skyline & Parker Victory.
Jerred: Pilot FK-700R, Lanbitou 'Missile', Reform 1745, Kaweco Sport, Delta Passion.
June: Lamy Accent.
Maja: Esterbook desk pen, Esterbrook SJ w/9128 (XF flexible) nib, Pilot Custom 74, Cross Radiance, Online Vision, Lamy Safari w/custom barrel by Penchetta Pens & Knives, Sailor Procolor 500 in the Hoshizuku (Stardust) pattern.
Mark: Parker Slip Cap Eyedropper filler with middle joint (ca. 1903)
Mido: Montblanc Generations, modern Parker Duofold.
Mindy: Esterbrook J with #1550 nib, Pilot Penmanship, Sailor Pikachu Special Edition, Pilot Falcon.
Stuart: Sheaffer flat-top ringtop, Sheaffer Balance with Military Clip, Waterman CF, Eversharp Skyline, Parker '21' Deluxe & several Sheaffer Snorkels.

And now, without further ado, here are the pics (click on photos to enlarge)...

(From Left to Right: Some of Maja's XF-nibbed pens: Esterbook desk pen, black Pilot Custom 74, black Cross Radiance, red Online Vision & red Esterbrook SJ)
(L-R: Lamy 2000, Eversharp Skyline, Sailor Procolor 500 in the Hoshizuku (Stardust) pattern, Sheaffer PFM, and a red & black marbled Lamy Safari with custom barrel made by Penchetta Pen & Knife. In the background is Jas' newest acquisition, a wonderful Parker Duofold "Big Red" fountain pen)
Our secondary topic is always Newest Acquisitions, and in the photo above, you can see Graham's red Pilot FK-700R & blue Pilot Decimo, Maja's new orangey Stipula Duetto (in the Cognac colour) & a black MB 146 clone with rose gold trim that she found on, and June's new Noodler's Neponset in the "John Mung" acrylic pattern (white with red swirls). June recently acquired a gorgeous Pelikan M600 in the pink-striped barrel pattern and Bart brought his cool new Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age (both not pictured).
(Maja's newest acquisitions: (in foreground) stainless steel Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen, grey Parker Touché felt-tip pen, green-marbled Wearever fountain pen, and PaperMate's first ballpoint model)
Just above the ink bottle cap, you can see Mindy's clear Pilot Penmanship fountain pen. She actually came up with the idea for our May topic, so many thanks again, Mindy!
The fountain pens that Jerred brought for our topic (along with a new Parker Sonnet) can be seen laid out on the cloth pen case with blue trim above, and somewhere in the photo there should be a new acquisition of Bob W's - a Sheaffer '100' he won in a draw at the Vancouver Pen Shop.
Group photo! From L-R: Christopher, Charles, Maja, Catherine, Alejandra, Mindy, Jerred, Stuart, Jas, June, Bart, Bob W, Graham. Present at meeting but not pictured: Richard, Mark and Mido.
Jerred's black Pilot FCM-500R and Graham's version of the same pen model in red. This is the gold-nibbed fountain pen that costs less than $65 CAD, available from . Amazing price and a really nice writer. Thanks for the heads-up about this great deal, Jerred!
Mido's modern Parker Duofold and a Montblanc Generations in the harder-to-find purple colour.
Christopher's Peter Pan fountain pen made by Salz. It's difficult to see the scale, but it's a very tiny fountain pen. There's some info on this model on Richard Binder's helpful site here.
Stuart's newest acquisition, the Lamy Safari 2016 Special Edition in Dark Lilac. It's a lovely matte purple material which looks even better in person!
These are the XF-nibbed fountain pens Stuart brought in for our May topic, along with his new Safari.
I'm trying to remember if any of Stuart's other pens here have XF nibs or not...Apologies, Stuart!....I do recall that the nice burgundy Sheaffer Connaisseur (2nd from the left) was a fairly new acquisition for him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday June 16 at the Perks pen store at 5844 Cambie Street, in Vancouver(our usual venue) from 6:30pm-8:30pm and will feature Limited Edition fountain pens as our June topic/theme, so if you have any to show, please bring them with you. As always, Newest Acquisitions is our secondary topic. No need to RSVP for any meeting at Perks. Hope to see you there!
Cheers ~ Maja

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