Sunday, August 7, 2016

June meeting photos ~ part one

We had excellent attendance for our June meeting; 26 members (including one new member, Sophia) showed up at Perks. Many thanks to Jerred for his donation of the door prizes---three Dollar piston-fillers, won by Stuart, Tony and Ralph!

Our theme for the meeting was "Limited Edition Fountain Pens", and we saw many beautiful examples brought in by our members. We actually did this topic back in July of 2014 but we've had so many new members since then, so when one of them asked me if we could do that as a topic, I said 'sure'!

Mido started off the meeting by showing us his Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Edition (LE for short) fountain pen in purple. The pen was released in August 2008, and only 2008 pens were made, 900 being released to the U.S. There is some excellent information on VPs on Carmen Rivera's extensive website devoted to this popular fountain pen model ( link ).

~ Click on photos to enlarge ~
Our secondary topic is always Newest Acquisitions, so Peter brought in his classy new fountain pen blotter (shown below), in addition to his Delta Vancouver Pen Club LE (#12/25).
Here are Julienne's newest acquisitions---a nice assortment of vintage fountain pens shown below. For the evening's primary theme, Julienne brought in her Delta Vancouver Pen Club LE, a Monteverde Fantasia LE, a Delta Capri Marina Grande LE & its counterpart, a Delta Marina Piccola LE (a sort of 'his & hers' set; I didn't photograph them, but there's some good info on them here ), as well as her OMAS 360 LE (#108/360).
This is Christopher's fountain pen that Julienne is trying out here; it's an exceptionally smooth-writing vintage Waterman Taperite that was a recent acquisition for him.
More new acquisitions! This is Ben's beautiful Sheaffer Legacy Sterling Silver fountain pen. The fountain pen is nicely balanced, and the metal has a very pleasant warmth to it due to the heat conductivity of the silver. Great buy, Ben!
One more new acquisition photo before we continue on with the Limited Edition theme---this is Aaron's fantastic new Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen. It's a very classy-looking modern pen that evokes Montblanc's early days in terms of looks *and* design---it has a very cool retractable nib mechanism, in addition to a piston-filling mechanism!

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