Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Some more September meeting photos

Some more September meeting photos, this time all ones of our members (all pics by Christopher---thanks, Christopher!):
(~ Click on images to enlarge ~)
(Above) Long-time pen collector and VPC member Dave M trying out a fountain pen.
Harry brought in a bunch of fountain inks for us to try---thanks, Harry!
That's Harry with me and June (in the middle). June's lovely new Franklin-Christoph Lucky 13 Penvelope pen case is on the table in front of her (photos of it on the company's official website can be found here ). Bart brought in his cool Franklin-Christoph 6-pen Penvelope to the August meeting to show us, and it got me thinking---they're really nice pen cases and have been on my wish list for quite a perhaps a Christmas self-gift ??? ;)
Jerred taking a water break (it was fairly warm in the store that night) and Leo.
Mark H. hard at work repairing pens
That's newer member Marzieh (on the right) with me (Bill M is in the background). We always welcome new members, whether you are new to the fountain pen hobby or a long-time collector or fountain pen user. Have questions about our club? Send us an email at

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