Sunday, April 2, 2017

British Sweets & Pen Treats

Ok, so I'm on a bit of a pen-buying kick these days....

I'm not sure if it's because of this depressingly-rainy/cloudy weather we've been having (since, well...forever) but I found some really good deals on pens lately and couldn't resist scooping them up. As for the chocolate bars from Britain---I'd never sampled any of them before and had a hankering to try them (and I suspect that hankering was weather-related, too ;) Oh, and the 24-count Crayola box was a recent purchase in honour of National Crayon Day (March 31); I wanted to get one with the recently-discontinued "Dandelion" colour in it.

Without further ado, here's what I bought (click on images to enlarge):
My new white Nemosine 'Singularity' fountain pen, purchased from fellow Pentrace member Marie.
This is a Taiwanese-made fountain pen whose nibs are made in Germany. Mine came with a great 0.6mm italic (calligraphy) steel nib that writes very well.
A wonderful Sheaffer 'Balance II' rollerball in the Amber pattern, bought from Jim Mamoulides at . These writing instruments came out in the late 1990s (1997-1999) and were a tribute to Sheaffer's original 'Balance' pen from the 1930s, which was (I believe) the first streamlined fountain pen ever made.
The Balance II writing instruments are prone to cap cracks so I have to be careful with mine, but it's such a gorgeous pen that I can't imagine not using it. There's some good information on the 'Balance II' line here on and and on this page .
Next up: photos from our March meeting....and April meeting info!

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