Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More May meeting photos!

(the first batch were posted here).

All of the photos below are courtesy of VPC member Ricardo (many thanks, Ricardo!)
(click on photos to enlarge).

Thanks to Richard C, we had the use of a great space for our May 18th meeting---the amenity room in a Vancouver condominium complex. Twenty VPC members showed up to hear our theme of "First and Last" (first fountain pens owned and most recent FP acquired)
That's Mindy (wearing a teal hoodie) looking at the camera in the photo below. I didn't photograph them, but she brought her very first fountain pen (a clear green Sheaffer 'NoNonsense') and her most recent FP purchase (a Monteverde 'Invincia') to our meeting.
That's June and Bart in the lower right-hand corner of the photo above. They sent us a nice report on their 2017 Los Angeles Pen Show experience, which I posted here.
(Above) L-R: John V, Tony and Peter enjoying the meeting. Tony brought his most recent fountain pen to show us--a Muji Compact. As for his first FP, Tony told us it was a pen he purchased at a drugstore/stationery shop in Taipei.
That's Mark (to Peter's left) talking to Jerred.
From L-R: Lionel, brand-new VPC member Linda, Jean (also new), Bill M, Mark, Richard (our host) and John V. Bill's first fountain pen was a Parker '21' and his most recent pen was the popular Kaweco 'Sport'.
John's first fountain pen was the lovely sage green Sheaffer 'Snorkel' I photographed at the January meeting. Lionel's first fountain pens were dip pens and Sheaffers (not pictured).
That's me (Maja) on the far left, admiring some of the great fountain pens our members brought for the meeting theme. Even if you don't have anything that matches our meeting themes/topics, please come anyway and see what others have brought!
Ricardo brought his most recent fountain pen, this gorgeous orange Visconti 'Rembrandt', to the meeting (I have one in the same colour, and it's a looker!). He doesn't have it any longer, but Ricardo's first fountain pen was a Parker 'Vector', a popular "first pen" for many people.
Ricardo's Pelikans (two pens on the far left) and TWSBI fountain pens, in a nice 12-pen case.
People often ask me "What do you actually do during a meeting?"...
Well, in addition to a casual 'show & tell' about our meeting theme and/or new acquisitions, we also try other people's pens, or some cool new ink or fountain-pen friendly paper they've brought to show us (we always ask for permission first, of course ;)
I can't remember whose Pelikan M1000 this is, but it's a great pen, the largest Pelikan currently on the market, I believe. If you're a fan of the company, you might consider signing up to attend a 2017 Pelikan Hub; the registration deadline is July 17, 2017 and all info about this world-wide event can be found at
(pictured in photo below, L-R) June, Bart, Alejandra, Stuart, Marzieh and our club's founder, Tim.
Tim cleaning a fountain pen nib of excess ink, after filling. Tim's first fountain pen was a Parker 'Sonnet' and his most recent FP acquisition was a vintage Waterman '58'.
That's Alejandra (2nd from the right) talking to Mindy in the photo above. Alejandra brought her daughter to the meeting, and they won a PCA (Pen Collectors of America) magazine (donated by Tim) in one of our door prize draws!
Alejandra's most recent FP --a lovely brass Kaweco 'Liliput'. Alejandra's very first fountain pen was a Parker 51 with a rare/uncommon cap (which, sadly, was lost) but she recalls a Lalex 1938 and a Neiman Marcus pen being among her first FPs.
That's Marzieh on the far right and Justin on the far left of the photo below. I photographed their pens and posted the pictures here.
Longtime VPC member Brian (who wasn't at the meeting) generously gave away a huge stack of "Pen World" magazines to any member who wanted to take some home (you can see some of them on the table).
Tim waving 'goodbye' at the end of our meeting...

Our next meeting is tonight---Wednesday June 14th at the Oakridge branch of the Vancouver Public Library from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Our topic will be "Sumgai Finds" (your best fountain pen bargains). Full details here.
Hope you can make it! (no RSVP necessary)


Drew Watts said...

This is so cool. Clubs are definitely great in the sense that you get to get together with some likeminded people and to talk about the things that you care about. Our recent one was in one of the meeting space San Francisco has and we discussed the best books of 2017. Really fun!

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Thanks, Drew! We're lucky to have a choice of free venues to use for our club meetings. Pen clubs are a great way to share one's knowledge of and enthusiasm for fountain pens with likeminded folks ;)