Sunday, July 2, 2017

Robert Oster "Fire & Ice" fountain pen ink review

A few weeks ago, I received a bottle of Robert Oster Signature ink in the "Fire & Ice" shade, courtesy of the Nikaido gift shop, to try out...
I was intrigued because I knew that this Australian ink was fast becoming a favourite among fountain pen aficionados. I had just received my Bexley Poseidon fountain pen (with stub nib) a few days beforehand, so I thought I'd try my new ink in it...(all photos taken in natural light with no photo editing used)
(~click on photos to enlarge~)
I loved the dark turquoise colour and the high degree of shading it provided. I'd heard of its red sheen (thus the "Fire & Ice" name) but couldn't really see it on the paper I'd used
("sheen" refers to the ink colour that you see on top of the primary ink colour, as the ink dries)...
What I didn't realize is how the ink could look so different, depending on the pen & paper used!
You can see it in these photos of Alejandra's test drive of the "Fire & Ice" ink during our June VPC meeting:
Apparently, the red sheen really shows well when the ink pools on higher-quality paper... but even on cheaper paper, it's a lovely turquoise ink.

Many thanks to Joe & Sara of Nikaido gift shop in Steveston (Richmond) for this cool new ink!

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