Monday, February 26, 2018

January 2018 meeting photos-Part 2

As promised, here are some of the shots snapped by Ricardo during our January meeting at the Oakridge VPL branch.... (click on photos to enlarge)

Stuart (in long-sleeved dark blue shirt) kicked off our presentations on "Iconic Pens" by doing a nice talk on the vintage Sheaffer 'Balance'....
(that's Glenn Marcus of on the far right of the photo below---he'll be doing a short presentation on the iconic Pelikan M800 at our March meeting)
Stuart's talk was followed by Ray's very interesting presentation on the Montblanc '149' and '146' pens:
Some of the Montblancs Ray brought in for his talk, including a Montblanc '146' in the lovely (and now-discontinued) burgundy colour (far left):
The last presentation of the evening was my little talk on the Esterbrook 'J' pens....
Christopher R. brought in several examples of his own 'J' series writing instruments, including this nice set in copper colour:
So shiny.... Who would think these pens are 70 years old?? They look like they just came off the production line!
Going around the table, counter-clockwise (L-R): Linda, Armando, Ray, Alejandra, and Justin. Armando has kindly volunteered to do a talk on the famous Parker 'Sonnet' at our March meeting.
L-R: Ray, Alejandra, Justin, Jim, Paul, new member Carmen, Mindy (hidden), Dana, and new VPC member Claire.
L-R: Justin, Jim, Paul, Carmen, Mindy (still hidden!), Dana, Claire, Maja, new member Jean-Claude, Jerred, Tony, Stuart, Joe (hidden). Jerred will be doing a presentation on the Parker '45' at our March meeting.
Sometimes you see the most unexpected things at a pen club this wonderful collection of dip pen nibs that belonged to Eteef's grandfather...

All of the nibs were carefully labelled and included a writing sample. This must have been a labour of love :)
From the old to the new! Ruth-Erin's beautiful Aurora 88....
Many thanks to Ricardo for the great photos, and to everyone who came to our January meeting! I'll be posting shots from our February meeting this week.

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