Saturday, September 1, 2018

VPC Summer Dinner 2018 photos (part two)

Here is part two of our VPC Summer Dinner pics, in which we feature Ricardo's photos...

The Irish Heather's famous meat and cheese board (you select a combination of meat and/or fine cheeses plus condiments):
Sabrina's ready to sample the items she selected!
L-R: Glenn M, Justin (smiling at the camera), Stuart, Barry, Ray and Tony:
The Irish Heather's "Posh Grilled Cheese" entree made with Quebec brie, aged cheddar, carmelised onions and a buttered crust. Yummy!
Marey enjoying her Posh Grilled Cheese:
(L-R) Kelley, new VPCer Grace, and Jim:
Natasha (left) and Melodie:
An animated conversation between Melodie and René!
Several of our members are owners of the Platinum '3776 Century' fountain pen model.
Here are (L-R) Sabrina's, Melodie's and Jim's beautiful examples:
Another view of the Irish Heather's "Long Table", which can accommodate large groups very comfortably in a private room:
Barry K:
Melodie, René (hidden), Justin and Jim:
...and our 2018 VPC Summer Dinner draws to a close...(L-R: Kelley, Stuart, Maja, Jerred and our server):
Many thanks to the VPC members that came to the Dinner, and to Ralph, Ray and Ricardo for taking photos for our club's blog!

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