Monday, December 31, 2018

A few more from our October meeting

Here are a few shots I took during our October meeting. Apologies for the picture quality! (click on images to enlarge)

Ray's stunning sterling silver Montblanc fountain pen with matching sterling silver desk base.
My photo truly doesn't do it justice:

A quick shot of the pens Christopher brought to the meeting -- (top to bottom):
Montblanc 'Generation' ballpoint, Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pen, Montblanc 'Noblesse Oblige" fountain pen and one of his trusty Parker Vacumatic fountain pens:
Stuart's Stratford 'Regency' fountain pen in bright orange, which he purchased from Christopher at the October meeting. For a fairly modest writing instrument, this model featured a lot of famous people in its advertising---e.g. Bing Crosby, Roy Rogers, and the Marx Brothers (among others):
I forgot to take a photo of Stuart's handsome Sheaffer 'Triumph' desk set so Stuart sent me these two shots that he took of it at home (thanks, Stuart!):

Sheaffer made a ton of desk sets over the years, and there are plenty of them still around (at fairly affordable prices on places such as eBay), so if you want a classy-looking desk pen, why not consider a vintage Sheaffer? :)

I'll be posting photos from our last meeting of 2018 (the one held in November) this week. Apologies in advance for the delay!

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