Monday, February 18, 2019

Sheaffer's PFM (Pen For Men)

Stuart's vintage Sheaffer's 'PFM' (Pen For Men) fountain pen and original 'PFM' ad:
Stuart's particular Sheaffer's 'PFM' is the 'PFM V' model, which has a plastic barrel and gold-filled cap. The 'PFM' also came in models with stainless steel (brushed & polished) caps, 9K gold and 14K gold caps, as well as gold-filled and 9K gold barrels.

Regardless of the materials used, all PFMs used Sheaffer's "Snorkel" filling system and all featured the beautiful Sheaffer Inlaid Nib:
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From this excellent article:

By 1959, Sheaffer was leading the market in pen sales with its successful Snorkel pens. The 1950s saw Sheaffer and others move away from the larger and fatter pens of the decades before to long and slender pens, such as the TM or Thin Model pens. The PFM was a bold step in a new direction.

The PFM, Sheaffer's largest Snorkel model, was introduced at a price range of US $10 for the all plastic and stainless trimmed PFM I to US $25 for the gold filled cap and trim PFM V model. Matching pen and pencil sets were US $14.95 to US $35.00. Many collectors prize this pen and they command high prices, compared to other pens from this period. Like another now highly collectible pen, the Parker Duofold Mandarin, the PFM was not a great success, with the line being pared of models later in the production run. According to research done by Sam Marshall, the PFM full line ran until 1963, with only the PFM III and V listed later, and the line was finally discontinued by 1968.

Many thanks to Stuart for the photos of this handsome and highly-collectible vintage fountain pen!

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