Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sheaffer desk set (ca. 1927-1930)

A couple of quick shots of the Sheaffer desk set Stuart brought to the April meeting for our secondary meeting theme, which is always Newest Acquisitions:

( ~ photos courtesy of Stuart ~ click on images to enlarge ~ ):

Stuart writes: "The nib reads “Sheaffer Lifetime - Made in USA”...I believe the set dates from 1927-1930. I base this on the overall look of pen and base, and also the fact that the penholder does not lie down flat for storage - a Sheaffer ad in National Geographic from late 1931 advertises this feature, which was a new advance at the time. So my set predates late 1931."
A very classy vintage set from the Sheaffer pen company, who made (literally) hundreds of desk sets (according to Sheaffer desk pen collector Roger Wooten , they made 660 different desk set models between 1925 and 1941 alone !!). It's easy to find Sheaffer desk sets on eBay---there are so many---so pick one up for yourself and see how cool it is to have one on your own desk!

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