Sunday, June 30, 2019

May meeting photos ~ Part 2

Part 2 of our May meeting photos - these courtesy of Ricardo (part 1 can be seen in this blog post)...

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(L-R) Jim M, Justin, Jerred and Leo...
Jerred's Sheaffer "Valor" (with inlaid nib), a fine example of our May meeting topic - "Fountain Pens with Unusually-Shaped Nibs"
(L-R) Leo, Glenn M and Ben ...
(L-R) Leo, Glenn M, Ben and Mary Anne.

Ben and Mary Anne came to their first VPC meeting in April but, unfortunately, I didn't snap any photos during that meeting, so we're glad they came back for another one ;) Ben brought in a 'TiScribe' fountain pen (a project) to show us (not pictured)
Candice's cool Sailor "Trident" pen (I wrote about the pen in part 1 of our May meeting pics)
(L-R) Stuart, newcomer Jim Z, Rene and VPC co-founder Bill K.

Stuart brought in a Sheaffer 'Triumph' Sentinel fountain pen and a Conklin 'Omniflex' fountain pen for our May meeting theme.
(below) A close-up of Jim Z's Sheaffer nib on his newly-restored vintage Sheaffer 'Balance':
(L-R) Rene, Bill, myself (Maja) and Alejandra sharing a laugh at our May meeting.

Bill brought in a Parker 'Ellipse' for our topic, as well as some new fountain pens to show us (a Lamy 'LX', Pilot 'Prera' and Parker 'Sonnet')-- all recent birthday gifts from a generous friend in Australia. Rene always brings in great examples for our meeting themes/topics so I'm sorry we forgot to photograph the fountain pens with unusual nibs he brought to our May meeting; the pens included a Pilot 'Parallel', a Waterman 'Carene', a Conklin 'Omniflex' Goulet Pens Special Edition, a vintage Eclipse 'Knight' and three Parker fountain pens--a '21', a '41, and a '45'.
(Below) Longtime VPCer Tristan (wearing a cap) brought in some interesting fountain pens
(Below) Julienne showing us a fountain pen (a black Sheaffer 'Imperial' with inlaid nib) she brought in for our topic, with Mindy to her left:
(Below) Mindy's Waterman 'Expert' I (the first 'Expert' model) with its unique cutaway nib:
Julienne and Mindy, with Barry K looking on...
(Below) Barry's newest acquisition---a vintage Conway Stewart black hard rubber fountain pen:
Barry talking about the amazing flexy (flexible) nib on his vintage Conway Stewart fountain pen (Jim M and Justin are to his left)
(Below) Our secondary topic for each meeting is always "Newest Acquisitions". Jim M brought in his new Namisu fountain pen (not pictured) and his beautiful new Visconti 'Rembrandt' in orange:
(L-R) Barry K, Jim M, Justin and Daryl:
Daryl (center) talking about one of his newest acquisitions--a fountain pen by Chinese manufacturer 'Picasso'.
(Below) Daryl's new Cross 'Century' (or 'Century I') fountain pen. Daryl also brought in another new pen--a Kaco 'Edge' (not pictured); there's a nice write-up on the Kaco here on this blog.
That's Jenny talking to Leo on the far right of the photo. Jenny always has some interesting new fountain pens to show us, and May's meeting was no exception...
(Below) Jenny's lovely white Pilot 'Decimo' limited edition in the "White Art Deco" design (made for the Japanese Mitsukoshi department store chain, only 100 pieces made):
Another pen with an unusual nib--Jenny's Pilot 'Elite' 85S fountain pen:
(Photo below) A new acquisition of Jenny's - a Sailor 'Realo' demonstrator fountain pen:
Ricardo's famous notebook with pen drawings from our pen club meetings!

Many thanks to Ricardo for taking the time to snap photos during our meeting (and for sharing his pen and nib drawings :)

Next up: June 2019 meeting pics!

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