Monday, November 18, 2019

A few photos from our October meeting

Our October 2019 meeting was held at the Kitsilano Yacht Club located on Vancouver's beautiful English Bay. Many thanks to Daryl for booking this venue for us again!

There were 23 members (including newcomers Thomas and Yugo) at the meeting, whose theme was "Textured Fountain Pens" (Jerred's idea). I was having camera problems, so my apologies for this abbreviated blog post!

(~click on images to enlarge~)
A lovely array of fountain pens (counterclockwise from far left): a Pilot 'Decimo' & a Pilot 'Vanishing Point' both owned (& recently-hand-decorated using nail art supplies) by Candice (great job, Candice!), Jim's new Pelikan M205 in the sparkly "Star Ruby" colour, Ricardo's two Otto Hutt model '04' fountain pens in the "Pinstriped Guilloché Sterling Silver" and "Black Square Guilloché" pattern and his Graf von Faber-Castell 'Guilloché" in the lovely 'Burned Orange colour. The pen drawings were all done by Ricardo, who somehow manages to both draw *and* photograph pens!
I usually forget to photograph my own pens at meetings (because I'm too busy scribbling notes and/or taking photos of other peoples' pens for this blog :) but I remembered to snap a couple of very quick shots this time. The ones I brought for our October topic (textured fountain pens) are shown below (from L-R): Parker '105' in the "Rolled Gold Bark" pattern, a Parker '75' "Ciselé" model, Parker 75 "Diamante", Parker 'Sonnet' "Ciselé" model, a Parker 'Sonnet' in the "Tartan" pattern, Sheaffer 'Imperial' "Sovereign" (gold-filled), Sheaffer 'Intensity' in the "Medici" pattern, a vintage Waterman 'CF' set in the attractive "Crocodile" pattern, a vintage Wahl-Eversharp "All-Metal" fountain pen in the "Dart" machine-turned pattern from the 1920s (there are some gorgeous photos of the "All-Metal' fountain pens on this page) and two vintage aluminum (or vanadium??) no-name pens with two different machined patterns:

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More fountain pens I brought for our monthly theme (from L-R): Faber-Castell "WRITink" fountain pen with fingerprint pattern, two Creeks n' Creeks fountain pens with textured finishes, a Sheaffer 'Lady' fountain pen in a pretty "Paisley White" pattern and another pen marketed towards women by Wearever called the "Lady Fair" in orange (there's a nice little writeup on the Wearever model here), a small Eclipse fountain pen and two no-name (possibly Eclipse??) fountain pens all with black chased plastic patterns, a German-made Matador fountain pen and a vintage Wahl-Eversharp "All-Metal" fountain pen in the "Niagara" machine-turned pattern. The last two fountain pens are my newest acquisitions (which is always our secondary meeting theme)- two plastic Zebra fountain pens from my local Staples store:

Many thanks to all who came to our October meeting, whether you brought anything for our topics or not; our club is all about having fun learning about fountain pens and other writing instruments in a very casual atmosphere. If this is of interest to you, please drop in and see what our club is all about! (no need to RSVP for any VPC meeting not held in a restaurant).

Our next meeting will be held on THURSDAY November 21 at a brand-new location---all details in this very recent post.
Any questions? Please email us at
Hope you can make it to our next meeting!
Cheers ~Maja

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