Sunday, May 24, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 18

Now, onto a couple of really nice fountain pens belonging to VPC member Louise, who wrote and said: "I’ve been following the Virtual Show and Tell and I got a couple of long-awaited pens the other day!"

(all photos by Louise ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"The first was the PenBBS 492 “Year of the Rat”. It’s a magnet filler demonstrator with rose gold trims, which is a first for PenBBS. It’s got an F nib on it. It’s a numbered edition, another first for PenBBS, as far as I know."

"They took the rat motif seriously, as there are three on this pen: one on the top finial..." on the cap band...
... and one on the tail end. It also came with a matching ink well, which certainly increased shipping prices! I’ve since filled with Ferris Wheel Press Lady Rose."

"The other pen is another Leonardo Momento Zero. This time in Sorrento Blue. I find the material pretty interesting because the pink/purple veins are only really visible in good lighting. Otherwise, it’s a dark blue and grey pen. Pretty neat! It’s got rose gold trims as well."

"I got a broad nib on this one which I had ground to an architect by Fontoplumo’s mysterious nibmeister. It’s a lovely writer."

For a demo of the PenBBS pen's cool magnet-filling mechanism, check out this YouTube video. Many thanks to Louise for sending us photos of her newest pen purchases and telling us a bit about them :)

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