Thursday, June 11, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 27

Continuing on with our virtual "show & tell" featuring our members' newest acquisitions, we have a couple of nice vintage fountain pens that René purchased since our last meeting in February---a Waterman/Aikin-Lambert 'Skywriter' and a Parker 'Parkette Junior':

(photos courtesy of Rene ~ click on images to enlarge)

René writes: "(These are) two vintage pens (neither has been restored) from someone in Penticton (Pen-ticton - heh), both Canadian-made. The yellow one is a Waterman/Aikin-Lambert Skywriter from the later-30s to 40s., with a semi-flex Aikin-Lambert (ALCO) nib (marked with a diamond with '14kt' and 'R' inside it, as is typical with ALCO nibs of the time). ALCO used to make nibs for Waterman until the latter eventually bought out the former by about the mid-30s. The brand, Aikin-Lambert, was used in Canada for longer than it was in the USA after the merger."

"The other one is a Parker Parkette Junior, made in the fourth quarter of 1937 (the nib is marked, "47", for Q4, 1937)."

René: "Other than the sacs having ossified, both are in excellent shape. I got the Waterman for $16 (oddly the seller identified it as a "no-name" with a steel nib - the nib was very dirty and blue when I got it), and the Parkette for $18 (it was only identified as a Parker), each with $6 shipping."

Trivia: The 'Parkette' was among the very few vintage Parker fountain pen models that used a lever-filling mechanism. For more information on these pens, check out this page at

Many thanks to René for his contribution to today's online "show & tell"!

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