Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 40

Today's virtual "show & tell" features another Italian fountain pen recently acquired by Jerred - his new Filcao 'Atlantica'!

(photo courtesy of Jerred ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Jerred:"This is my third Filcao, the Filcao Atlantica. This particular version of the Atlantica is based on an earlier Filcao design, the Columbia. The Columbia was designed by Richard Binder in concert with Filcao, and it was a deliberate homage to the classic 1920s Parker Duofold. The features of the Columbia that are taken from the Duofold include the general shape, a custom-developed dark blue and yellow celluloid, as well as a button-filling mechanism."

"The Atlantica version is slightly larger than the Columbia, but otherwise uses the same design, material, and button-filling mechanism. The two models can be distinguished by the branding: The Columbia has a blind engraving on the barrel, while the Atlantica has a sterling silver inscribed cap band instead, visible in the picture here. There are also other models of the Atlantica that use Chilton-type pneumatic fillers. The nib is a Schmidt-branded, stainless steel nib. It works, though it's pretty boring."

Love that speckled resin material! (there's a nice article on the story behind the design of the 'Atlantica's' cousin, the Filcao 'Columbia' here) Thanks for sharing your new purchase with us, Jerred :)

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