Monday, August 24, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 64

Honourary VPC member Glenn from Australia was kind enough to send us some photos of his recent pen-related finds, including this beautiful Parker fountain pen....

 (all photos courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Glenn: "The gold-plated Parker '75' in Prince de Galles pattern with F nib and the later Mk 2 section, dates to 4th quarter 1980, and is generally in reasonable condition for a 40yo pen; there are marks in the middle of the dished tassies, but the rest of the pen has just normal wear."

"When it arrived some barrel pattern lines did seem rather dark compared to those on the cap, and this proved to be the result of oils & skin cells from years of handling accumulated in the grooves. Three cycles in the ultra-sound cleaner with warm water and a drop of dish detergent restored it to a state that now matches the cap. I have a silver-plated version of the pen coming, when Australia Post eventually gets its act together (holding your breath is not recommended!), and it will be interesting to see if it too needs a bath."


 "Lih-Tah Wong's was especially useful for identifying the pattern, given that the Ecossais pattern is very similar; indeed, that's what I thought this pen was, and I already had a 75 in that pattern, so I nearly missed out - "

What a gorgeous pattern on a classic fountain pen! Congratulations on your new acquisition, Glenn, and thanks for sharing your purchase with us :)

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