Sunday, September 27, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 81

Today's featured newest acquisition is a lovely Sailor fountain pen belonging to Armando, who sent me the following photos and text for our show & tell:

"Hi Maja, I acquired another Sailor 1911 S, this one out of curiosity. Here is the story: 


I recently acquired a blue Sailor 1911 S medium nib, even though I have two 1911 S in my collection. I have a maroon and a black, both medium nibs.

(top to bottom: maroon, blue and black versions ~ please click on images to enlarge)

While I have promised myself that I will not buy another Sailor pen, I was intrigued by the statement provided by the seller. It said: "Sailor 1911 S with a nib made by Noboyushi Nagahara and his Engineers." He also said that he saw Yokio Nagahara (the son) at a pen show, and Yokio confirmed that this is a Nagahara made nib.


Noboyushi Nagahara was the nib master of the Sailor Pen Co., and devoted most of his working life devising and making nibs for the company. I said to myself, I just have to get this pen, if only to compare the nib with the other Sailor pens that I have. When the pen arrived, I immediately compared the nib with the other two Sailor 1911 S that I have. With the use of a loupe, I tried to look for differences in the size of the tip, grind, shape, etc. Not being a nib master myself, I didn't notice any significant difference.

I then inked the pen with a Waterman Royal Blue Ink, and compared the writing sample with the other two Sailor pens. I can only conclude that the Noboyushi Nagahara nib has a finer line than the other two Sailor nibs."

Many thanks to Armando for another great contribution to our virtual "show & tell"!

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