Saturday, September 5, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 70

The Lamy 'Al-Star' fountain pen is a modern classic, owned and loved by many, but you don't see these particular examples (recently acquired by Honourary VPCer Glenn from Oz) very often...

(photos courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on images to enlarge)

  Glenn: "The Lamy Al-Star 50 Years of Design SE in graphite with EF steel nib seems to be like the proverbial bus… you don’t see one for ever, then 4 of them come along in quick succession! The Korean seller who sold mine then listed a 2nd example at a higher price; he’d wanted to cancel my purchase because of the lack of air mail services, but I asked him to send it insured surface mail instead. It does raise questions about him possibly wanting to relist for more money. Since then, 2 more have appeared on eBay at 8x the price. It took ages but eventually arrived safely; I’m very glad I was prepared to wait."

"The pen comes in a special foam-lined tin box and an outer cardboard sleeve, both of which echo the pattern of diagonal lines on the pen, and the back of the cap bears the 50th Anniversary logo."

Glenn continues: "The other Al-Star is in the 2018 SE Vibrant Pink colour with EF steel nib, but it is badged on the cap as ‘2018 Limited’ for the Chinese year of the dog, with a clever depiction of a dog’s head incorporated into the 2. Neither I nor Maja had run across the edition before, so given its Chinese context and location in Taiwan, we did wonder if it was genuine. Fortunately, it passed all the tests in Goldspot Pens’ useful video suggested by our favourite Pen Guru ("

Congratulations on these über-cool finds, Glenn, and thanks for sharing them with us!

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