Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 107

Today's newest acquisition is courtesy of VPC member Armando! Here is his write-up....


Siegbert Tarrasch, considered to be the Master of Chess, once said: "Chess, like music, like love, has the power to make people happy". 

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Can we say the same thing with a fountain pen? 

In my opinion, the answer is yes, we can. 

Introducing the Parker Sonnet ....

When Geoff Hollington created the Parker Sonnet, he intended it to be the classic Parker, a truly timeless product. He went for a really well proportioned cigar shape, clear but updated arrow clip, a generously sized nib, and from the engineer's perspective, state of the art writing experience. Many models and designs have been created in the Sonnet series since 1994. 


The Sonnet featured here is the model with the chiseled sterling silver finish, the Sonnet Ciselé in 18k gold nib. The pen is hefty, given that it is sterling. Holding the pen gives the impression that it is durable. Posted or unposted, the pen has nearly perfect balance and sits in the hand well. Whilst this pen is quite old (1995, based on code IIT on the cap), it still looks great after years of use. The silver has developed a patina which adds to its character. 


Writing with the pen gives a hint of a feedback, but not scratchy. The 18k gold gives it some spring. I am using the Waterman Blue Black ink, and it pairs very well with the pen. 

In closing, I can say that when I ordered the pen, I had some concern due to its age (approx. 25 years), and not being sure of the condition. However, when I unboxed it, saw it, felt it, inked it, and wrote with it, the first word that came to mind was:   CHECKMATE!!!

 Armando, congratulations on your beautiful Parker Sonnet fountain pen---a true modern classic---and many thanks for the great photos and entertaining review :)

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