Sunday, November 8, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 102

 Today's new acquisition belongs to VPCer Armando, who was kind enough to send us his photos and impressions of a modern fountain pen he recently acquired...


Armando: "It has been said that Bill Clinton was the first US President to use a Japanese pen.  Whether this was the reason why the Platinum Pen Co. called their flagship pen "President" is subject to debate.  The Platinum President pen was released in 1994."
(all photos courtesy of Armando ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"I recently acquired a Platinum President Pen.  I was interested in having a pen with a double broad (coarse) nib.  I thought it might be good for a Presidential type signature."

"The pen arrived in a nice brown felt box, covered by a white cardboard box.  What got my attention initially was the two tone 18 k gold nib, with a heart-shaped breather hole.  In addition to this, the nib has a massive tipping material, and it has the mark "C" for coarse, or double broad.  The pen uses a proprietary cartridge converter."

 "This cigar-shaped pen is similar in looks to a Montblanc 146 (on the left in the above photo).  In fact, they have the same length and almost the same girth.  The pen is not heavy, and quite comfortable in the hand, when using unposted.  When posted, it becomes a bit back heavy, but still usable."

"I inked the pen with an Iroshizuku Shogun Grey.  Writing in a normal 45 degree angle shows the wide lines.  When I hold it more vertical, the lines are just broad or medium.  With reverse writing, it is very smooth, and produces a fine line.

Overall, I think this is a versatile pen, with even a possibility of changing the nib to a cursive italic."

Many thanks to Armando for his photos and review of this handsome fountain pen!

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