Friday, December 18, 2020

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 122

Today's featured newest acquisition is owned by Christopher and it's a bit of a mystery (and possibly a prototype), so we'll let Christopher explain....

Christopher: "The pen, which I have attached snaps of, is definitely imprinted Parker Challenger and also carries a date code of the second quarter of 1939. It is, of course, a button filler with the typical late Challenger early 40s rounded black blind cap, but this is where the pen take a quantum leap into the unknown! And I find myself scratching my head wondering exactly what I have in hand?"

(all photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"It is a big full-sized pen posting at a full 6 inches, but in spite of capping back to 5 inches has a fair-sized girth. The section is black and has a typical Parker Challenger ink view window, but the cap is really something to write home about! To start off with, it is smooth and bandless and a perfect match in finish and in fit to the barrel. There is no doubt that this is in fact the original cap and not something added at a later date. The top of this cap is totally flat, smooth and rounded with a wee bit of age wear. It also carries the same matching finish as the barrel and the rest of the cap." 


"This cap, like the rest of the pen, is of substantial size and girth, but the clip is very unusual. It is an arrow design squared off at the top end but long and triangular in shape, tapering to an arrow pointed flat ball end. This end carries and finishes the triangular shape right down to its very end. I checked out the attachment of the clip and fastening holes and they are definitely of the manufacturer making and not an afterthought. Clean and originally cut when I checked them under my loupe." 


"The nib is also rather a unique surprise in that it is an original Parker Left hand oblique! And may I add the right Challenger nib for this pen, but date-coded the third quarter of 1937." 


"Everything about this unusual Parker Challenger seems 100% original and the condition and quality is up to Parker standards and impressive. It is a US Parker imprinted pen with nice clear sharp markings. The finish reminds me of a mix between the Parker Vacumatic grey/black/pearl and the Premier (Parker Thrift Depression Pen) with its slight red veining. Truly magnificent. The button filler works well and for some stranger reason I enjoy writing with its unusual nib and it tends to accentuate my serifs. Truly a great and surprising score."

Congratulations to Christopher on this fascinating vintage find, and many thanks to him for sharing it with us!

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