Saturday, January 23, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 140

Although we're primarily a fountain pen club, we also welcome collectors of other writing instruments, such as these classy Parker ballpoints that Trevor recently acquired...

(photo courtesy of Trevor ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Here's Trevor's write-up about them: 

Parker Classic, The “Rich Man’s Jotter”

"Ever look at something in a terribly taken photo and think, “Hey! I know what that is!”? I did that twice in December. Both times I was expecting a vintage/old/interesting Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. “Vintage Parker pen. Nice condition” the ad stated. $20 seemed fair for what looked like a highly polished gold Jotter. I began to salivate. “I would love a vintage Jotter!" It would be a nice mate for my circa 1970s/1980s Paper Mate Profile and Sheaffer Imperial I’d absconded from my parents desk drawers on a recent visit.

Message sent, deal made. Going to get it on Wednesday after work.

But what’s this… Shanin found a PAIR of Stainless Jotters with gold trim. Hmm… I have one of those already, it’s the one that started my Jotter obse… ahem… interest. But curiously, in the bad photos, they look to have gold flat top buttons… Now I’m really interested. I find out the seller says they are both the same. Ok. Sign me up for one of them.

Fast forward to Wednesday. Work is over, finally! I grab my mask and jump in the car. Shanin and I head to Metrotown to meet the owner of the gold Jotter. I give it a quick look, note that it is a bit different, but pay the man and we head on our way. On the way out of the mall, I stop at little pen/stationary shop, 1912 Amax. I see a Caran D’Ache pen in purple. Made from recycled Nespresso pods. Interesting. I snap a pic to check it out later.

Back in the car I have a look at my new treasure. It’s slimmer. Almost dainty. Interesting. A look online and I find that it is a Parker Classic, aka Parker International Classic, aka Parker Lady. Feels nice in the hand. It fits a standard Parker refill, so out comes the ancient ballpoint refill and in goes my favoured Monteverde Capless Ceramic Gel in Black with Broad point. Comparing to my Jotters, it’s longer and slimmer, but weight is similar. It’s a comfortable writing experience. A really nice surprise, and a great addition to the growing Parker collection.

The next day, Shanin goes out of her way to grab the stainless steel one she found. When I see her next and she hands it to me, I open the original box and lo and behold, it’s the same as the gold one! Well, other than the colour. While the gold one is made in France, the stainless one is made in the USA. Turns out it’s called a Parker Classic Flighter GT. Well! It has the same light weight, comfortable grip as its golden counterpart. The ancient ballpoint refill was removed and a Monteverde like the other takes its place, only in blue this time for some variation.

I’m certainly glad I took the chance on these despite their terrible pictures in the ads. I’m super happy with them and glad to have found them!"
I asked Trevor when these ballpoints were made and he replied "The gold one has date code IIN, which is either 2nd quarter 1989 or 1999 but I’m not sure. 1989 is more likely as production may have ended in 1998. Or maybe 2001… no one seems to know. And the stainless one has code IT which looks like 3rd quarter 1995." 
Many thanks to Trevor for sharing these cool finds with us!

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